Bumble Review

Updated on Apr 2022
A bumble review shows that this site is similar in design to Tinder and Badoo. This site has a specific feature because here, women take the initiative in their own hands. In order to start a relationship with a woman, she must first be interested in you, thereby providing security. The founders of Tinder were directly involved in the creation of this site, so there are so many features like Tinder. For example, there is a similar swipe feature to the right or left, but the girl must choose you herself. If you like to wait for the girl to take the first step, then this site is for you.

Review of bumble shows that if you are a woman and you want to break all these stereotypes about men, and you are tired of getting “How are you?” then visit this site. This is why this site became so popular right after its creation. Men are interested in women taking the first step as well. This site can be for a regular hookup, or for a serious relationship as well. You can find someone near you and make a date if you are a woman. Depending on how much control you want to have on online dating sites, this site can be a find or a disappointment.

In this review, you can find a lot of exciting information about registration, search, profiles, and security. You can learn about all the pros and cons of this site in this review. If you really want to make sure this site is worth a visit, then this review will help you.

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Pros and Cons


  • women must start their chat with men first, so you don’t have to spend your time looking for the right woman
  • you can chat on bumble dating site 24 hours a day, so this encourages women to be more open, and you can start chatting much faster
  • the site has a special mode that allows you to search for friends and other connections at will
  • there are a lot of features for communication


  • You can see only the profile photo, and you need to take a few steps to access the user information
  • bumble dating website review shows that men can only swap and wait because their functionality is minimal
  • you must have a Facebook account because you can not register without it
  • there is a lot of fake on the site

Easy to Use

Navigating this site is quite easy. All you have to do is swap right and left until the couple is ready. And a woman only has 24 hours to start a chat. Otherwise, you will lose contact with her forever. Also on this site, different bundles are highlighted in a different color. For example, BFF ligaments are stressed in green and expiring connections are red. Men can still create one match a day in the hope that the woman will reciprocate. This means that men no longer have to try to attract women’s attention and send first messages with the hope of getting to know each other, but men get little online dating experience on the dating site bumble.

You can also use the hookup app, which is available for both free and paid versions. The free version of this app began with the usual hookups that resulted in dates, kisses, or even a serious relationship. The main features of this site are the likes and swaps, so if your photo is wicked, then be prepared for no one to like you. You can also swipe to get BFF connections. With this feature, you will be able to see all those who have entirely different intentions on this site. They can be married, looking for a relationship or something mean.

The site also has a special mode for those looking for a business relationship. It’s something like Linkedln, but only the dating version.

Instead of looking for people for relationships, you can look for people to create startups, search for contractors and suppliers, increase your knowledge in a particular field, and more. If you want to show someone that you are very interested, you can use the super swipe feature. It’s similar to a regular swipe, but another user will know that you’ve paid money to get his attention. The bumble.com online dating site also offers a unique feature called events. Your registration on this site is a direct ticket to any event listed on the site. Sometimes games can be accompanied by various training such as how to succeed and so on.

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Registration on this site is divided into several stages. Some steps are required, and others you may miss. But each of these steps plays an important role in your future search.

  • quick registration
  • email validation
  • questionnaires
  • profile information
  • photos and videos

You can sign up with Facebook, and the site will use all the information about you from here. But you can also sign up with a personal phone number. You must provide your username, which must be special. Then enter your date of birth, gender, and email. After successfully verifying the email and phone number, you will proceed to the next registration step. Bumble reviews show that you have to answer a few dozen questions. These questions are simple, and you should only choose the answer.

Bumble Registration

You need to specify what type of relationship you are looking for, then your options, who you are looking for, location, and more. After that, you should provide a little information about the girl you would like to find. After that, you proceed to fill in your profile. The most essential thing in your profile is a photo because every girl sees it first. You should choose a hot photo that shows your face and possible body. Try to use a little photoshop if you need it, but not too much, because then the girl may not recognize you in real life.

After that, this top dating site invites you to write compelling information in your profile. Write about various exciting stories that have happened to you. Also, tell us how you make a living in an exciting way. All of these factors in the future will influence the girl’s choice, so you have to prepare very well. You are not the first to start dating on this site, so you must do everything to make it happen.

Ming Yue photo
Ming Yue photo
Ming Yue
Location Beijing
Age 29
Occupation Dancer
English level Upper Intermediate

Search and Profile Quality

An online dating site review shows that you can view other people’s photos without paying a subscription. All your photos you upload to the site are public, so anyone can see them. Also, all your profile information is general by default. Unfortunately, many profiles have very little information, so you have to wait for the girl to tell you about herself. Other dating sites have an extensive database of girls with full profile information, so you don’t need to get acquainted with each one to know her intentions. Anyone can edit their profile information if required. The most basic information in each profile is gender, location, and education, so don’t expect to see anything else. This site is built for quick hookups, so it is not surprising why there is so little information in profiles.

This site is similar to Tinder, so it is not surprising that its search features to match. The site offers you a set of profiles from the database from which you can choose the ones you like. Reviews of bumble show that you have to swipe right or left depending on whether you liked the girl’s photo. If you accidentally swipe the wrong way, then you can shake your phone to cancel. If you want to know a little more about who you liked, then you can click on her photo, and you will see about her education, hobbies and more. If both users swipe right, then everything ends very well. For gays and lesbians, the rule that a girl should take the first step does not work. After the girl has written to you, you can start communication. All your dialogs will appear in the Matches window. This app has an interactive interface so you can sort the dialogs that are more important to you.


Bumble – is it safe? As soon as girls are able first to date men, this site has an additional level of security. But there are many fake profiles of women who write to all men just to get their money. You have to be careful because you do not choose women here. The site notes that all information remains confidential, so you can provide the site with any data.

This site does not allow users to write in their profile or photo their confidential information. Users who do this are immediately blocked by site employees. Before using this site, you should read the rules of how does bumble work for women. These guidelines will help you better understand the security of your website.

How Much

How much does bumble cost do? There is a free version of the site that has all the basic features that you can use to find your partner for any relationship. You can create your profile for free, and you do not have any volume restrictions. You can also view your Match suggestions for free. Once the girl has chosen you, you can chat with her for an unlimited amount of time.

The paid version includes a feature that allows you to continue the connection for 24 hours. You can also Re-match with expired connections, so don’t worry if you lost someone. The SuperSwipe feature is available in the paid version, which will draw the girl’s attention to you. You can also see a list of people who swipe right.

Bumble feedback shows that one week of use costs $ 8.99. If you want to buy a monthly subscription, it will cost $ 24.99. Three months and six months are $ 49.98 and $ 79.98, respectively. The site also has a special system of coins, through which you can buy features. You can buy 1 coin for $ 1.99, 5 coins for $ 7.99, 10 for $ 14.99 and $ 20 for $ 24.99.

Customer Support

Is bumble any good? The support team of this site can provide you with qualified assistance at any time of the day. If you have been fooled or have any questions, then you can contact customer support. The site has a special form that you can use to indicate your problem and expect an answer. If your problem is urgent, the site has numbers to which you can call.


Is bumble good? This site is good for women because here they have advantages over men. Women should be the first to interact with the men they like. This site is similar to Tinder because here you also have to swipe right or left to create your Matches. On this platform, you can find many features for communication. It doesn’t matter what you are looking for, because the site specializes in friendship and in a serious relationship.


Is bumble legit?

This site has many security features to protect your confidential information, but there are many fake profiles as well.

Is it free?

The bumble experience shows that this site is completely free if you do not want to upgrade your account to the premium version.