KoreanCupid Review

Updated on Apr 2022

KoreanCupid.com is a popular online dating site that exists already for a couple of years. It is also has a big base of users. But is the site effective and safe? KoreanCupid review will help to find out this.

  • Overall Rating -7.3
  • Partner suggestions – 8.1
  • Price-performance – 6.3
  • Service – 7.3
  • Free features – 7.3
  • Ease of use – 9.5
  • Safety – 5.2

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Pros and Cons


  • Lots of singles looking for serious relationships;
  • Desktop and mobile versions of KoreanCupid.com are available for everyone;
  • Registration and some basic options are free.


  • Scam or fakes can be found;
  • A paid subscription to use the site without limits.

About KoreanCupid.com

KoreanCupid.com exists since 2002 and nowadays has a base of 500,000 users. According to thousands reviews, it aims and goals are to help singles to find their love. Reviews of KorreanCupid state that it is a platform where everyone could chat and communicate with people from other countries. KoreanCupid.com could be the start of your new relationships that can lead to marriage. KoreanCupid is international because there are not any limitations regarding the country you come from or your city. The KoreanCupid review of the site emphasize that there are lots of males and females from China or the US. But the majority of the singles that are using this site come from Korea.


KoreanCupid.com dating site is one of the very few sites that have free registration and even free use of some basic features. According to the reviews, no matter whether you are a man or a woman, you could start using the site for free. Men that are looking for Korean beautiful ladies can use some basic options to understand if the site is trustworthy.

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Easy to Use

As all the KoreanCupid reviews state, you have to pay on KoreanCupid.com for almost all options- that annoys a bit, but where else are there so many pretty and cute women from Korea are looking for a relationship and marriage? Users pay for the service they get, for the opportunities that KoreanCupid site opens for them. Also, reviews emphasize that fake users or scammers will not pay for a membership, so you could meet fewer scammers than on other dating platforms. For some people, a monthly subscription at KoreanCupid is a waste of money; because they use not all the services they pay for or don’t use the site every day. Others find it convenient because you don’t have to pay every day for separate options. Keep reading the review to learn more.

Ming Yue photo
Ming Yue photo
Ming Yue
Location Beijing
Age 29
Occupation Dancer
English level Upper Intermediate

Sign Up

Registration is the first thing to do on KoreanCupid and in this review you’ll learn more about it. You have to pay important attention to this issue. It requires to enter some important information. This includes:

  • Secure password;
  • Your e-mail address;
  • Age;
  • Gender;
  • First name or username.

According to the reviews, tere is no verification process at KoreanCupid, which can please some users and make others feel a little bit suspicious. One of the advantages is that the registration takes only a few minutes and all the reviews highlight it. Also, you can upload photos, share with others details about your hobbies and interest. At KoreanCupid, you have special fields where you can write whatever you want to catch the attention of other users. If you are interested in long-term relationships, explain what girl you are waiting for. In the review we want to hightlight that the site has no verification process, so the registration will take only a few minutes. You can also upload your photo during registration or later. Keep reading the review to learn more.

As all the reviews state, it is also possible to log in with your Facebook data. That can be even faster. You could also upload photos from Facebook. Another possibility is to sign up using your Facebook account, which will be even faster. Keep reading the review to learn more.

Search and Profile Quality

According to KoreanCupid reviews, the search for a flirt or a new relationship works as on other dating sites. KoreanCupid.com online dating site has algorithms that unite singles for you. After logging in and creating a profile, you will have an opportunity to see members that match your preferences and needs. You could also search for new, active or attractive members. In search categories at KoreanCupid, you can see location, age, nickname as well as a picture of the lady you want to date. Click on an interesting photo to go to the page of the user. Also, you can leave a message or include the person in your favorites list and mark it as “attractive”. Search for a potential partner in detail by selecting different criteria in the search function. Read our KoreanCupid review to learn more.

As all KoreanCupid review state, all profiles at KoreanCupid are unique and interesting. They have all the necessary details to make the first impression of the user. You can find out something about his/her lifestyle, goals, interests, habits or marital status. Most pretty ladies who are looking for marriage at KoreanCupid want to make a great impression so that they upload their best photos. Read our KoreanCupid review to learn even more.

Making Contact at KoreanCupid.com

According to the KoreanCupid reviews, every single online looking for a new relationship should know that you cannot wipe the first impression. According to KoreanCupid reviews, men in search of nice girlfriends should be careful. They should take some time to write the first message. The personal statement or the profile picture at KoreanCupid could serve as a hanger for the first contact. Filled profiles and a good picture help men to communicate without being ignored. Also, it is important to be careful with personal details. Our KoreanCupid review would strongly recommen not to share your address or surname at KoreanCupid.

Based on a review of KoreanCupid.com, it is advisable to first create your profile on the computer. Selecting a picture, writing a personal statement or choosing a new partner for a relationship – all this is a bit fiddly on the smartphone. Our review wants to menind you that no matter if you are a man or a woman – your profile is your business card for dating on the Internet.


According to the reviews, KoreanCupid.com app is a good variant for those who like to work with phones. If you travel a lot or have to move long distances, chatting in dating apps is a great opportunity to spend time. If you have a computer, you could also use KoreanCupid.com website. You can register for free and take a look at the site’s main options. If you do not like something, you can find another alternative for your online dating. And you will not spend your money. After the sign-up process, KoreanCupid offers you lots of options. In our review, we want to mention some of them include:

  • Chatting using video messages;
  • Online calls;
  • Sending audio messages;
  • Using the extended search option for finding matches;
  • Block some annoying or suspicious users;
  • Choosing interesting singles to add to your favorite list.

KoreanCupid – Is It Safe

For many years, this brokerage exchange was the perfect example of a free, yet high-quality dating market. KoreanCupid.com dating site reviews occasionally point to dubious behaviors, excessive fakes, and love-scamming. Serious, the dating market is still, but the users should check whether behind the man or the woman is not a fake. Keep reading the review to learn more.

Several users in their KoreanCupid reviews described their experience with frequent, dubious contact requests. The messages were usually written in faulty, broken English. Keep reading the review to learn more.

How to Recognize Fake Profiles

For the inexperienced single, these love scammers are often not recognizable at first glance. Therefore, a well-developed filter for fakes as well as trained employees, who check new registrations for fake profiles, are necessary. Keep reading the review to learn more. Every single online looking for a new partner at KoreanCupid should be able to recognize fake profiles.

KoreanCupid looks like Tinder and Facebook together. Here you can get acquainted with those who live even in your neighborhood or find foreigners. Also, it is necessary to be careful with the data you share on KoreanCupid. Even if the site’s team works carefully, there can be fake profiles and scammers. For situations when you become worried about the safety of your profile, the site‘s team has added a function of blocking suspicious users. Also, video chats and audio calls can prove that your partner is real.

Customer Support

The reviews notive that if you notice suspicious activity at KoreanCupid, you need to report it to customer support. Moreover, you can have problems or difficulties with using a site. It can be connected with payments or your subscription. In any situation, you can write to the customer support of KoreanCupid official email. They will answer you as fast as possible.


After you have bought a subscription at KoreanCupid, you can forget about advertising and unnecessary information. You will not have any limitations with gold or platinum subscriptions. There are lots of options that will simplify your chatting and ensure effective communication. Using for free can help only to decide if you want to use KoreanCupid, if it is an appropriate platform for you. Creating your authentic profile and making it detailed is a necessity for finding your match. Successful dating can spring up only if you take the time to write about your wishes and interests.

You can subscribe at the following prices:

Gold membership

  • 29.98 USD for 1 month;
  • 60.00 USD for 3 month;
  • 120.00 USD for 12 month.

Platinum membership

  • 34.99 USD for 1 month;
  • 69.99 USD for 3 month;
  • 150.00 USD for 12 month.

You can use your credit card, Bank Transfer or PayPal to pay for a subscription. The site ensures that your payment information will not be given to third parties. With these kinds of subscription, you can take your online dating at KoreanCupid to a new level.

Advantages and Disadvantages

After making the first impressions of KoreanCupid according to the site’s basic options, you can decide if you want to pay for a subscription. It is an advantage, as you can see if it is an interesting platform even without paying for using it. Disadvantages are visible to everyone. Not very high active rate and some suspicious users lower KoreanCupid dating website review rating. You should act carefully and think twice before sharing personal information.


Looking for a reliable online dating site should be taken seriously. Take into account reviews and references. Sometimes such reviews can explain how useful and helpful the platform is. There is no concrete opinion about the KoreanCupid dating site. But you can find some effective, cheap and operative sites:

  • AsiaCharm.com;
  • AsianFeels.com;
  • AsianMelodies.com;
  • CupidFeel.com.


As you see from this review, fakes and scams are things that scary all singles using dating sites. Even if the dating site KoreanCupid has a modern and understandable design, more important factors are online dating site reviews. The reviews are almost all positive, but not deny a fact of a low activity rate or advertising. Subscription is what you need to buy to write messages or use all options that KoreanCupid has.