Updated on Apr 2022 review shows that this site is for people of all ages who want to find different kinds of sexual relationships and friendships. Users of this site can offer each other a variety of entertainment, such as BDSM, fetish, and kinks. Users can also view various sex videos of each other and other such things. You can optionally write different articles on this topic or even read these articles on The site is convinced that every user is 18 years old because the site material is very candid and sexual. But it is not known precisely how this is verified, because users can log in under different aliases.

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About is full of articles, chat rooms, masturbation videos, and more. If you are visiting this site for the first time, it will be difficult for you to navigate because there is so much information ahead of you. It is not very pleasing for every user to simply feel cheated or victimized by a porn site, but the site’s employees provide adequate security for everyone. For example, this site forbids some words that may violate security. The word “rape” is prohibited, so no one can use it in their article. Also, you cannot post this word on your page or comments. But, according to statistics, this word has been used 244 times in articles, so this rule sometimes does not apply. Another feature is that it is considered normal to write posts about the murder of your daughter or wife on the site, and no one will punish you for it. Since the website has many users, sometimes it is difficult for police to determine who is the fake or the scammer.

The Alt dating site has several options that make it sometimes easy to use. But only experienced users can understand the usage because sometimes this site is like a video game where it is difficult to understand. Only those users who have a premium subscription will be able to plunge into the atmosphere of a free relationship and feel exciting. As mentioned, this platform has many features related to the alternative to sex, so sometimes the site is like a space with sex. So you can find out below what features this site has, how to register, and much more information.


  • You can find a lot of women on
  • There are some links on other sexual platforms
  • You can join it for free


  • You will not have very much access in free account
  • Very inconvenient interface because of dark colors
  • A lot of questions when you sign up
  • You will come across too many fakes


There are many different features on the site, but as a review of Alt shows, most of them are paid. Since the site is BDSM related, most elements are created for this purpose. If you decide to visit this site for serious relationships, it will be difficult for you to find features. On this site, you can create a hotlist of the people you like the most and who you would like to have alternative sexual relations with. You can also see a report on who you are most suited to and see new users.

If you want to speed up your search, you can see a list of those who have visited your profile, just as users can see if you visit their profiles. This feature can be disabled in the settings. If you want, you can upload your videos to and even stream online. But Mac users need to download a unique program for this. You have many opportunities for communication; here is a list of them.

  • chat rooms
  • friends Network
  • video calls
  • voice messages
  • private chats

If you wish, you can even keep your blog where other users can access and view all the information. You can also get excellent access to fetish and BDSM videos. You can also share flowers with the people you like. Of course, these are not actual flowers, but others may be pleased. Some of these features are paid, and others are worthless. You will find a list of paid and free functions in the pricing section.

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Ming Yue photo
Ming Yue photo
Ming Yue
Location Beijing
Age 29
Occupation Dancer
English level Upper Intermediate
Website Registration

Signing up for is easy and fast because you only need 2 seconds to sign up. When you go to, you may see a sign-up window that only needs your email and who you are looking for. But unfortunately, this only seems so at first glance, because after this simple step, many others need to be done to gain full access. You have to ask dozens of questionnaires and other questions, as this is very appropriate on a platform like this. You will be asked what type of sexual relationship you are most looking for to help the Alt dating site.

You can sign up for free, but since features are minimal, it is recommended that you buy a Silver or Gold package to improve your ability. You also need to provide some personal information, such as your sexual orientation, race, age, body parameters, and more. The next step is to provide some more information about you that other users will see, such as your interests, etc. If you do not know what to write, then the site will give you tips that you can use.

During the verification process, you must confirm your email; otherwise, you will not be able to access the

Search and Profile Quality

You can search for users in many ways. You have access to all users of the site, so you can match them. Or if you want to reduce the number, you can search for those who have just joined or who are online. You also have access to those who viewed your profile and can get to know them. The site has an Extended Search for Advanced Users. You can enter the country of origin and age of the girl for the relationship and get the result. Below is a list of the quality of the information in profiles of this website.

  • it is detailed
  • information about circumcision
  • BDSM preferences
  • it can be edited
  • there are some pictures

As a full-fledged user of this top dating site, you can select your profile information at any time. It is all up to you whether there is a lot of detailed information you want to see on your profile. You can also see that most patterns have a lot of detailed information. Especially in men’s profiles, you can read about his circumcision, and his endowment length and width. You can also find information about the role of the user in BDSM and his level of experience. All this will help you to know more about the person on this site.

But you will only be able to see other users’ profiles if you receive a Gold or Silver subscription. So if you want to know more about the user you liked, it is best to make this subscription.


The alt dating website review shows that the site uses a security system that is protected by Friend Finder Network Inc. (FNN). So, user information is secure, but it still doesn’t help the site deal with a lot of fakes. The location can’t 100% check everyone for a fake, so some people use it. You can come across a scam that utilizes your information for your purposes.

You should read the details on how to avoid scams. If someone asks for your confidential information, do not share it. It will be tough for you never to encounter fake profiles, so you better follow the rules. In 2014, a survey was conducted about the security of this site, and 6 out of 10 people replied that various scams had occurred with them or their friends. In terms of safety, this site is not the best, but not the worst.

How Much

As for prices, this site has two types of paid subscriptions, Silver and Gold. Their price is different, so you can choose the best one for you. This one of the BDSM online dating sites offers a 1, 3, or 12-month subscription. The more months you buy, the lower the price for one month. For example, for a Silver subscription, you will pay $ 22.94 for one month, $ 41.37 for two months, and $ 123.51 for three months. For the Gold subscription, you will have to pay $ 34.44 for one month, $ 68.97 for two and $ 185.26 for three.

There are a lot of opportunities that come with a paid subscription. You can view and chat with other users. Other users can see your profile in the top if you are a Gold user and after Gold users if you are a Silver user. You can contact new users if you are a Silver user. But if you are a Gold user, you will be able to connect with new users instantly. You also have access to watch videos and live broadcasts of other users. But if you are a Gold user, you will have full access to all the videos as review shows. For Silver users, there is only partial access to other users’ blogs and articles. And the Golds have full access to it.

Whether you are Gold or Silver, you get round-the-clock support from customer support. You can also read messages and send virtual gifts. But if you want to watch adult videos, you will have to pay for each minute of waiting.

Customer Support

As mentioned above, only Silver and Gold users can access 24/7 customer support. It is essential to get timely help when you are cheated, so it is better to buy one of these subscriptions. You can contact the site staff if you have any questions about usage. The support team tries to help everyone, but if you need to choose between a paid user and a non-paying user, they will choose a paid one. reviews show that there were a lot of cases when someone was cheated and did not get any help.


So this best free dating site for serious relationships does not match its expectations. has many pros and cons, so everyone has to decide for themselves whether it’s worth a try. The site has a large number of girls who are interested in various types of BDSM. You can also join the site for free, but you do not get full access to the functionality. Website user information remains confidential, but there are many scams and fakes on


What Is the Difference Between Silver and Golden?

Gold users get access to new users first and foremost, and they are in the top search. Silver users have the same access, but only after. Also, the Gold subscription gives access to all videos, unlike Silver.

What Is a Purity Test?

This quiz has a few questions for you and checks out how pure you are.

How Can I Become More Popular?

There are so many ways to do this, as the online dating site review shows. First, you can write an exciting introduction to your profile and add photos. Also, add some sexy videos and posts to magazine.