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Updated on Apr 2022
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Success Stories from Armenian Dating Sites

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James and Kali AsianMelodies logo
James and Kali met on an Asian dating site, bonding over shared cultural values. Despite living in different countries, their connection grew strong through heartfelt conversations and virtual dates. Their first in-person meeting in Malaysia and subsequent visits bridged the distance, blending their cultures. James proposed, blending elements from both worlds, and their wedding united families and traditions. Their story illustrates that love knows no borders and thrives through the richness of different cultures, proving that distance is no match for true love.
Success Story #2 Image
William and Abigail OrchidRomance logo
William and Abigail's tale began on an Asian dating site, their connection flourishing through shared interests and values. Despite living continents apart, their bond strengthened with each exchanged message, revealing mutual admiration for cultural nuances. Meeting in person kindled an undeniable chemistry, intertwining their lives. Trips back and forth ensued, blending their diverse backgrounds into a harmonious union. William's heartfelt proposal, encompassing elements from both cultures, led to a joyous celebration uniting their families. Their story epitomizes love's ability to traverse distances and merge diverse traditions, proving that when hearts align, geographical boundaries are mere markers on the map.

For people that find it hard to secure a relationship near them due to one reason or another, this article will be very helpful. These days, thanks to online dating there is a higher chance of finding love in places you never even knew existed. You can be in a relationship with someone thousands of kilometers away from you just by clicking a button.

Over the years, meeting Armenian women has become one of the main targets for those who are seeking companionship. Armenian women are now in high demand so much that the country receives thousands of male tourists every year, with most of them visiting for the sole purpose of finding an “Armenian bride.” Armenian girlfriends are fun and caring. After reading about these women’s astonishing features, you will wish that you had read this article a long time ago. In this article, you will find the following:

  • Features Of a Cute Armenian Lady
  • Where Can I Find Armenian Women? 

Armenian females are very beautiful and attractive. Besides being gorgeous, these ladies also possess qualities and charms that will sweep any man off his feet. Before you embark on your journey of searching for beautiful Armenian women, you should read and understand this article to increase your chances of success. Below, you will read about the great features Armenian women possess that makes them standout, and more importantly, you will read about how to impress them.

Best Armenian Mail Order Bride Sites - Main Advantages

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  • Real gifts
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  • Huge user base of single asian ladies
  • Free translation for 2 hours during a real-life meeting
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Top Armenian Girls Profiles

Features of an Armenian Woman

Here are some of the many features of an Armenian lady.

Natural Beauty

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Armenian brides are unbelievably beautiful, especially without makeup and cosmetics. Most of these women have beautiful dark hair, brown eyes, and perfect body shape. They also live a very healthy life by eating healthy food and engaging in sporting activities. 


Armenian women will go the extra mile to please their partner. They will spoil their partners with gifts every chance they get. Armenian women also value even the littlest gifts they receive from a loved one. They will remember every small detail about your relationship, first kiss, first date and so on. These women expect honesty from their lovers because it is imperative to them just as it is in any other relationship.


Armenian women are capable of doing anything for the survival of their marriage. These women’s loyalty should never be questioned. Armenian women are excellent housewives, fabulous cooks and also wonderful mothers. Their opinions should not be ignored because they are also very smart women.


Armenian women will stay with you through thick and thin. They are independent women, so they will not marry you solely because of your wealth or your position in society. Armenian women will only agree to spend the rest of their life with you if they genuinely love you. Their love is unconditional, and even if things go south, you can trust 100% that Armenian women will support you till you are back on your feet. These women are also strong believers of love at first sight.


Armenian women enjoy a simple and carefree life. When going out, these women apply little to no makeup and wear simple and conservative clothes. With Armenian women, you need to worry less about spending lots of money on bags, shoes and jewelry. You can count on them to take care of the domestic things at home. 

Where Can I Find Armenian Women? 

  • FindAsianBeauty
  • AsianBeautyOnline
  • AsiaMe
  • DateAsianWoman

If you have dated in the past 10-15 years, you’ve probably visited at least one dating website. Online dating has been very helpful for people searching for love. Some dating sites might cost you a few bucks, while others are completely free. There are also some dating sites that are more popular than others because of their success rate. They also have so many positive feedbacks and testimonies from people that have found love thanks to these websites.

This is one of the best dating sites there is that has made international dating very easy. With over 30 million active users from all parts of the world, AsianMelodies offers one of the best online dating services there is. AsianMelodies is brilliant for singles who are over the legal age of eighteen. The website is easy to use and has an elegant design. The site is also safe, spam-free and protects the privacy of users. The quality of member profiles is also high. Its pricing is also very considerate and affordable. Many of the members have admitted to the site’s influence in helping them meet their soulmates.

This is another perfect site if you are searching for true love. The website has a daily increase in members. The site offers a variety of features that make your experience more enjoyable. With its large database, you can find your soul mate from every part of the world, including Armenia, and start having a conversation at any convenient time. Asian Feels has helped many women find and meet their soulmates, and today, many of them are married. To be the next in line, all you need to do is sign up for free, create your profile, and enjoy the best the site has to offer. Asia Feels can be accessed through your desktop or mobile phone.

When it comes to online dating, AsiaCharm represents one of the best and safest platforms for finding women from foreign countries. The site is well-designed, easy to use, and interactive. With over a million members, AsiaCharm offers a diverse collection of pretty girls with verified profiles who are ready for relationships and even marriage. All you need to do is sign up for free and set up your profile on the site and select your preferences. The site also has a variety of features which are available on the paid plan. These features enhance your experience while chatting with a potential partner. The pricing is also very affordable and considerate. Users are ensured of their safety and are well protected from spam or fraudsters. AsiaCharm is the website to find Armenian single ladies. Take a peep into the high-quality profiles on display and get started.

This site is modern in its approach and also a speedy dating site through which you can meet the woman of your dreams, even if she is Armenian. VictoriaHearts has almost twenty years of experience and has helped to match many soulmates with each other. All you need to do is register, create your profile, and search for the Armenian girl of your dreams. After you have done that, you begin to interact and build a relationship with these women. The site is also safe and user-friendly. Features are available to ensure that your experience with dating an Armenian girl goes as smooth as possible.



After all, you have read, you already have enough information to get started. All you need to do now is to register on a dating site, create an honest and attractive profile, and find yourself an Armenian woman because as you have read, these women are perfect for marriage. 

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