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This online dating site review will navigate you all the way from registration to payment and answer all of the most frequently asked questions.

About AsianMelodies

Oriental ladies know how to excite men, no wonder that so many guys are looking for Asian ladies for romance. Finding the love of your life, who lives on a different continent is not an easy job to do. Don’t worry, multiple dating agencies got you covered. AsianMelodies is, in our opinion, one of the top dating sites for meeting Asian girlfriends.

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Overall Score – 9.9/10

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Pros and Cons

AsianMelodies dating website review is impossible without mentioning advantages and disadvantages. These key points will give you a clear understanding of the website’s service.


Vast Choice of Asian Ladies

There are so many countries in Asia, starting with China, Japan, Korea and ending with The Philipines,  India, Indonesia, and so much more. All the wonderful Asain singles from lots of countries are registered on AsianMelodies to meet and date men.

24/7 Customer Support

If you face problems with AsianMelodies, customer support service of the site got you covered on any difficulties that might occur.  In case there is something you need help with, be free to contact AsianMelodies’ managers. It will take no more than 48 hours to get a reply from them and solve your problems. 

Growing Number of Users

Lots of Asian ladies already trust AsianMelodies. Though, the amount of users is increasing on a day to day basis. Such a good activity on a dating platform proves that AsianMelodies has a big base and convenient search.


No Mobile App

Mobile apps are very uncommon amongst dating platforms. Unfortunately, AsianMelodies can’t provide users with their own app. But mind that no dating app doesn’t mean you can’t use this dating website on the go. Just log in with your browser and stay in touch wherever you are.



Easy to Use

Design is the first thing you notice on a website. Lovely and minimalistic design welcomes users and makes them want to stay on the page. As soon as you visit AsianMelodies, you will see a picture of an Asian lady wearing stylish clothes.

Success Stories from AsianMelodies Dating Site

Success Story #1 Image
James and Kali AsianMelodies logo
James and Kali met on an Asian dating site, bonding over shared cultural values. Despite living in different countries, their connection grew strong through heartfelt conversations and virtual dates. Their first in-person meeting in Malaysia and subsequent visits bridged the distance, blending their cultures. James proposed, blending elements from both worlds, and their wedding united families and traditions. Their story illustrates that love knows no borders and thrives through the richness of different cultures, proving that distance is no match for true love.
Success Story #2 Image
William and Abigail AsianMelodies logo
William and Abigail's tale began on an Asian dating site, their connection flourishing through shared interests and values. Despite living continents apart, their bond strengthened with each exchanged message, revealing mutual admiration for cultural nuances. Meeting in person kindled an undeniable chemistry, intertwining their lives. Trips back and forth ensued, blending their diverse backgrounds into a harmonious union. William's heartfelt proposal, encompassing elements from both cultures, led to a joyous celebration uniting their families. Their story epitomizes love's ability to traverse distances and merge diverse traditions, proving that when hearts align, geographical boundaries are mere markers on the map.


Simple design means simple signup, isn’t it? The things you need to mention for registration are your name, birth date, email, and password. One more important thing you are supposed to mention is the required sex of a partner you’re looking for. The options for this field are:

  • man looking for a woman
  • woman looking for a man
  • man looking for a man
  • woman looking for a woman

After you have created an account, there are some fields you have to fill out. Filling it out is required to make the searching process more accurate. First, the profile creation can contain some details on who you expect to meet. You can also describe the partner you are looking for on AsianMelodies and tell about yourself afterwards. The last step is uploading your pictures. Be honest while answering the questions and upload the most recent pictures of yourself.

AsianMelodies Profiles

The community of AsianMelodies is growing each month. Brides from all of the Asian countries can be found on this site.

After you have registered on AsianMelodies, you can start the search of your Oriental beauty. You can use lots of filters to specify the search: mention if you want your lady to have kids or whether she has bad habits like smoking or drinking. You can also specify her age, height, and nationality. All of these tools are making the search process more precise.

To know that the lady’s profile is validated, check if she has a status of “Verified member”. This special status is given to people, who provided a scan of their ID during registration.

You can start chatting with Asain women straight away after registration. Choose a couple of oriental beauties you like, check out their pictures, and drop them a message. As soon as you start forming a deeper connection with one of the ladies, you can use videos to get acquainted closer or send her some small and lovely presents.

Language Barrier

Knowing all of the Asian languages is impossible, and you are are not supposed to learn them. Though, some Asian women on the website aren’t fluent at speaking and writing in English. To get over the language barrier, they use the help of translators. Be sure that those enthusiasts will help you reach mutual understanding.

Accessibility on Mobile Devices

Mobile app for Asian Melodies dating site is not available yet. Though, that doesn’t mean you will have to use the desktop option to meet beautiful women. To stay in touch with Asian women on the go, use browser version on your tablet or smartphone.

AsianMelodies Free vs Paid Membership: Know the Difference

Free Features Expanded:

Upon signing up on AsianMelodies, users gain access to a variety of complimentary features:

Profile Creation and Exploration:

  • Users can create detailed profiles showcasing their personalities and interests.
  • Browse through other members’ profiles to discover potential matches.

Photo Uploads:

  • Members have the liberty to upload personal photos, enhancing their profiles.

Robust Search Functionality:

Utilize a comprehensive search feature to find compatible matches based on various criteria like:

  • Age
  • Location
  • Interests
  • And more

Limited Communication:

  • While essential communication features like messaging and video chats are reserved for premium members, basic interaction options are available.

Paid Features Enriched:

AsianMelodies’ premium membership offers a wide array of exclusive features:

Unlimited Messaging and Video Chats:

  • Enjoy unrestricted communication through messaging and video calls with potential matches, fostering deeper connections and interaction.

Advanced Search Functions:

Access premium search filters to narrow down preferences and find highly compatible matches based on detailed criteria like:

  • Lifestyle choices
  • Relationship goals
  • Cultural background
  • Compatibility metrics

Priority Customer Support:

  • Receive prioritized assistance from the customer support team, ensuring swift resolution of issues and personalized guidance.

Sending Virtual Gifts:

  • Utilize credits to send virtual gifts, expressing interest and affection in a creative and meaningful manner.

Boosted Profile Visibility:

  • Enhance profile visibility through various features like spotlight placement or higher rankings in search results, increasing the chances of being noticed by potential matches.

Exclusive Profile Features:

  • Unlock additional profile customization options, such as unique badges or enhanced design elements, to create a more personalized and attractive profile.

Extended Profile Viewing:

  • Access extended galleries and detailed information on other users’ profiles, allowing for a more in-depth understanding of potential matches.

Ad-Free Experience:

  • Enjoy an ad-free browsing experience while using the platform, ensuring uninterrupted engagement and focus on the dating experience.

Insights and Analytics:

  • Gain access to analytics and insights about profile visits, interaction metrics, and match suggestions, aiding in better understanding and optimizing the dating approach.

Special Events and Promotions:

  • Participate in exclusive events, promotions, and contests offered to premium members, providing additional opportunities to connect and engage within the community.

Credits System for Additional Benefits:

Premium Benefits Using Credits:
Purchase virtual gifts for potential matches.
Send flowers as a gesture of appreciation.
Boost profile visibility for increased attention.
Unlock other premium features based on credit usage.


The free trial allows you to give AsianMelodies a try. Though, you will surely have to pay after the trial is over. The price list of the platform is pretty much standard.  These prices can be considered as reasonable.

  • Trial for Free
  • 20 credits for $9.99
  • 50 credits for $19.99
  • 125 credits for $44.99
  • 250 credits for $69.99
  • 750 credits for $149.99

Safety and Security Enhanced

Creating a secure and safe environment for users is crucial in any online platform, especially when it comes to personal information and interactions. It’s great to see AsianMelodies taking proactive steps to prioritize safety and security through several measures:

  1. Advanced Encryption: Implementing sophisticated encryption systems is fundamental for protecting user data. Encryption helps in securing sensitive information, ensuring it remains confidential and inaccessible to unauthorized individuals.

  2. Secure Transactions: Guaranteeing secure financial transactions is vital for user trust. Advanced security protocols prevent any potential breaches during payment processes, ensuring user financial information remains safe from cyber threats.

  3. Combatting Fraudulent Activities: Actively monitoring and enforcing strict policies against suspicious profiles, scams, and cyberbullying is commendable. This proactive approach helps in maintaining a safe environment by identifying and addressing potential threats promptly.

By implementing these stringent measures, AsianMelodies demonstrates its commitment to fostering a secure and trustworthy platform for users to connect and build meaningful relationships. Such initiatives not only protect users but also enhance the overall user experience, fostering confidence and encouraging engagement within the community.

AsianMelodies Review Conclusion

After reading this review everyone would agree, that Oriental women of any age are famous for their impeccable beauty and amazing traditional family values. These women know how to be amazing and caring soulmates, so Western men find them to be a perfect fit for romantic relationships.

AsianMelodies allows everyone to meet Asian women for dating and relationships. This website offers users to meet women from different countries. Moreover, the site provides excellent interface and customer care. People from all around the world can use AsianMelodies in helping them find a good match for relationships, so the database of users is extending. Dating platform also ensures the protection of payment information.


Is AsianMelodies A Legit Dating Site?

Asian Melodies dating site is a legitimate platform that focuses on connecting individuals interested in Asian dating. As for its member count, specific numbers might change over time, but it generally boasts a substantial user base.

Is AsianMelodies Worth Using?

Whether it's worth using depends on what you seek in a dating platform. It offers various features and tools for communication and matching, but the value depends on personal preferences and experiences.

How To Work With AsianMelodies?

To use AsianMelodies, start by creating an account and setting up your profile. You can browse profiles, search for matches, and interact through messages or other communication tools available on the platform.

Is AsianMelodies Free?

AsianMelodies typically offers both free and premium features. While registration and browsing profiles might be free, communication tools often require a paid membership.

Can I Use AsianMelodies Anonymously?

Regarding anonymity, you can control the information you share on your profile, but complete anonymity might be limited due to the nature of online dating.

How To Remove My AsianMelodies Account?

If you wish to remove your AsianMelodies account, most platforms provide an option within the account settings or profile management section. Look for options like "Delete Account" or "Deactivate Profile" within your account settings to initiate the process.