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Updated on Apr 2022

Women like teddy bears. They are soft and always ready to listen without interruption. In a while, people want someone to interact with them. Communication is an integral part of our existence. Then, they turn to real bears. Dating site EasternHoneys helps in this case.

  • 9.7

Overall rating – 9,9/10

  • Price-performance – 10
  • Service – 9.5
  • Free features – 8.5
  • Ease of use – 9

Rating 9.7
girls online
daily visits

Rating 9.4
girls online
daily visits

Rating 9.2
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Rating 9.6
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Rating 9.4
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About EasternHoneys

EasternHoneys.com online dating site is a platform for singles to find their love, for alone to find their friends. You choose when to be happy. The time is now for EasternHoneys Review.

 EasternHoneys is a service the launching of which takes place a couple of years ago. It exceeds thousands of members. EasternHoneys is about those who want to find their love partners. You may have another purpose to sign up there. It is possible to find your soul mate or fellow adventurer on EasternHoneys.

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Why EasternHoneys

Not every successful couple left their EasternHoneys review. But EasternHoneys service can be useful.

This review of EasternHoneys can help you to find out about this platform. EasternHoneys has a big base, so that makes EasternHoneys quite useful. You know what you sign up for. You know what to expect. A great number of great girls meet their great men. People can still have hope for a happy future. 

  • 9.7

EasternHoneys is a platform where cute and beautiful ladies gather together to impress you. Their profiles are gorgeous. EasternHoneys review states that lots of girls upload a professional photo. Some princesses indicate lots of information about themselves. EasternHoneys is, in our opinion, a top dating site so it has many advantages.

Pros and Cons


Easy Usage

EasternHoneys is designed for all generations. That is why everything is as simple as possible.

Multinational User Base

EasternHoneys reviews show that there are people from all over the world. What makes EasternHoneys more special is the formation of international couples. EasternHoneys drives lots of partners to leave their homes in a seek of love. They meet their beloved on the edge of the world.

Free Sign-Up

That is probably the biggest incentive to step on the way of looking for happiness. The EasternHoneys review mentions a very easy registration. It takes just a few minutes to plunge into the sparkling water with bubbles. These bubbles are of various forms and shape, experience and character, but with a similar aim – to meet the love of life.

  • 9.7

Detailed Profiles

EasternHoneys Review appreciates its quality. Any online dating site review talks about the information provided. Accounts make a first impression and it is important to have the possibility of creating incredible welcome cards. The EasternHoneys.com has fields needed.

Easy Chatting

You can text anybody who is online and get a response quickly. It does not require any waiting.

Presents Delivery

You can use the offer of the website. The delivery is available to any country you want. It can be a great surprise for the birthday or the other holiday.

Various Payment Methods

You may do it via MasterCard, Visa, or others. The possible ways you may see on the special tab. 


Some Paid Options

You have to pay to have access to the advanced features of the site.

EasternHoneys – Aiming at Safety

Even if you are a paranoic, you may not worry about the safety of your payment information. The system has encryption that allows no leak of your financial information. The one you choose private will be private.

  • 9.7

The information people are anxious about the most is their card requisites. It deals with money, so no one wants it to disappear. The site makes everything possible to minimize suspicious activity and bans users that violate the site’s rules. 


Easternoneys Review does not care only about girlfriends. The latter is more luck not to owe any money to the dating webform. The registration, as well as use, is completely free of charge for them. 


The first thing which is to be mentioned is that the currency is called credits. In the upper right corner, you may see the special tab for them. As soon as you click on that, you can see additional information.

There are two boxes called Complementary credits and Additionally purchased credits. Below them you are provided with the button, pressing on which will give you a welcome package. 20 credits are given you for£9.99. You may go and spend them. 

  • 9.7


EasternHoneys Review could not help but show what you get for credits:


The simplest but most important thing is chatting. It is the primary aim of EasternHoneys website. Of course, you can just log in and admire beautiful photos. Still, it won’t fulfil your goals. One minute of texting costs 2 credits. Given 20 of them initially, you are automatically given 10 minutes of chatting. These are just simple arithmetic actions.

Sending Stickers

With time, developers made the chat more advanced. You may utilize various functions. First of all, you can send a sticker. One may call EasternHoneys useless. The girl will for sure appreciate the fact that you spent 5 credits on her. A small teddy bear or rabbit with flowers will elevate her mood.

Exchanging Photos

EasternHoneys Review has also helped to develop one more thing. Firstly, you may pay 10 credits for opening a photo. You see your lady one more time and after that decide to set up a date. Secondly, you may spend 50 credits for a video. Women are so pretty and sincere on the video recordings. This is directly for you.

Sending Letters

Do you remember what a letter is? If you are one of those romantics, you may send it for 30 credits. Just remember that it can be just one particular lady.

  • 9.7

How much do credits cost?

Now, when you know what you may get, here are the currency exchange rate:

  • Still, do not forget about the first package. This package will cost you 9,99 $. There are still some kinds of packages. Easternhoney Review claims that the bigger you buy, the more money you save.
  • 50 credits – 19,99 $. As you may see a minimum of 5 dollars is left. And that is already half of the smallest package. The only drawback of this one is that it is limited. You can make just 3 purchases. Do not worry. There are greater deals.
  • 125 credits – 44,99 $. You should not be a Mathematician to notice a difference. Remember the price on the website. EasternHoneys review certifies that these credits can be enough.
  • 250 credits – 69,9 9$. This is already something.
  • 750 credits – 149,99 $. If you think it is too much, you have not been informed about the greatest purchase you may make. You can arrange a real date. Yes, it is true. It is up to you to decide whether you are ready or not. Still, it is a great chance. 
    • 9.7

My Statistics

EasternHoneys dating website review makes it clear that you can review your statistics. Here you are provided with the following information:

  • Messages – The number indicates how many of them you have.
  • Mail – You may see how many emails you have got.
  • Profile Visitors – There are those who click on your account for more information. You may do it in response to check whether there are some who deserve your time
  • Easternhoney Review also cannot but mention the next field called “Added me to Favourites” – That means that somebody is interested in you, but not courageous enough to make the first step. You can view them.
  • Who liked me – This is similar to the previous one. Cute and beautiful ladies who liked you will be displayed here.
  • My favorites – Easternhoney Review suggests people that they use this function not to lose your love.
  • Flowers and presents – a very nice and pleasant tab. There you may find all the virtual gifts sent to you.
  • My contact requests – You can see there who would like to follow you and start to communicate. It is possible either to accept the request or to reject it.
  • My meeting requests – A very serious tab. It is created for you not to forget about them. 


EasternHoneys review is, in our opinion, positive and cannot be different. Dating site EasternHoneys is a good chance for all singles. EasternHoneys is particularly aimed at the East. It is more probably to get a message from China, Japan or any other Asian country. 

  • 9.7

EasternHoneys Review is a good idea to show that nothing is impossible. You are to do two things: believe in yourself and sign up on the platform.

24 October 2019
8 mins to read

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