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Updated on Apr 2022

People are fond of dating websites, as it is the simplest way to happiness. eHarmony review will try you to highlight the merits of this online dating website pointing out some drawbacks as well. However, people rate this as almost 9 out of 10. In this article, you happen to get acquainted with what the service offers, and a little history of its success. It is up to you to draw conclusions out of the information given. Singles resort to utilizing those dating websites which can boast off more love stories and legit system. Here is an overview of eHarmony which must feel confident in using it.

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Overall Rating – 8.8/10

  • Matching System based on Compatibility – 9.5
  • Chatting – 8.7
  • Safe and sound – 8.5
  • Dating advice – 8.6
  • Long-term relationships – 8.7

Pros and Cons


  • Plenty of eHarmony reviews
  • Detailed, accurate, and elaborated questionnaire which results in the great matching system
  • The whole project on dating
  • Compatibility oriented
  • Thousands of success stories
  • A restricted view of ladies to those who perfectly fit you


  • long sign up

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Short Review

Someone may underestimate eHarmony reviews, considering them to be non-informational. This one, however, will give you an insight into some workings and costs, so at least this data will come in handy. eHarmony is something you cannot find anything similar. It has its dating-related topics:

  • Dating pieces of advice
  • Dating issues
  • First fates
  • Being single

It dwells upon international dating focusing on typically American, Asian, or European dating separately.

Ming Yue photo
Ming Yue photo
Ming Yue
Location Beijing
Age 29
Occupation Dancer
English level Upper Intermediate

What Is

Review on eHarmony dating site may have appeared early, as its launch dates back to 1997. It was the last century, but all the hopes were just for the Internet. Dr. Neil Clark Warren became a generator of the idea to make two people meet online. Being a clinical psychologist, he understood that this can work. It did, and, nowadays, eHarmony is a top one.

The doctor has elaborated on the theory of Compatibility, and that is why a registration process is so long. From his background and professional practice, he has collected all the material to make up the whole theory. eHarmony uses it, nowadays, and confirms that it is a successful study. At A Glance

  • Area: all over the world
  • Peculiarity: Tips about how to date with regard to nationality and venue suggestions in various cities
  • Age: adults above 18
  • Means of communication: text messages, voice, and video calls, voice and video messages, real meetings.

How Does eHarmony Work?

eHarmony review of a website highly appreciates the way everything is arranged here:

  • The home page provides you with the chat icon, your visitors, and profile completeness
  • It shows a number of your matches. The more accurate you were with the questionnaire, the fewer number there is.
  • All the photos are blurred for you to visit an account
  • As soon as you click on it, you may see the whole information about women. You have a chance to look at how compatible you are, with the scheme and explanations. Your answers are compared and the analysis shows you the final result whether you can build relationships or not.


eHarmony reviews cannot but mention how tiring the free signup is. The first step is the simplest one which precedes the 5 blocks of questions. 1st set of questions is very general with options to choose. 2nd part incorporates the section of how your wife or husband is to look like. eHarmony suggests multiple choices with traits to pitch upon. It mentions alcohol intake and tobacco addiction. 3rd works on reaction and how your spontaneous reaction characterizes you. You choose the one out of two pictures that are analyzed on the basis of psychology later on. The 4th one concerns the daily routine. It gives you even again photos just to choose which one you are into. It works with imagination and situation projecting in your head. The 5th is the concluding part. It makes final scratches of what matches you will be offered.

Each block takes up to 5 minutes of your time. One can get bored. However, it is important, as all the other processes of searching on eHarmony for a match will be done for you. Even this is not a final step. A small sheet of general information is to be filled in.

Profile Quality

The account here directly depends on how diligent you were with questions. The profile consists of main parts:

  • About(includes general information, such as education, income, profession. etc)
  • Photos(requires real ones and up to 10 Mb)
  • Personality Profile(explains the fundamentals of the personality, peculiarities, and features of communication, psychological analysis)
  • Data & Settings

Safety & Security

To ensure customers review mentions high standards of security system:

  • Trust & Safety Team – conducts reviews of profiles on a daily basis to find suspicious ones and restrict access for them
  • The whole page of pieces of advice on this topic
  • Measures were taken by the website: firewalls, digital certificates, Security Socket Layer (SSL)and encryption technology.
  • Legit and not scam

Help & Support

We do not always overcome adversities without somebody else. Thus, the eHarmony dating site review cannot do without helplines. When to turn to:

  • feel in danger
  • notice something suspicious
  • all the other reasons mentioned in Privacy Policy and other documents of eHarmony
  • just want to talk on personal issues


eHarmony dating reviews highlights that there are various types of Membership:

Premium Light

  • Period: 6 months
  • Price: 22,95 $/month

Premium Plus

  • Period: 1 year
  • Price: 14,95 $/month

Premium Extra

  • Period: 2 years
  • Price: 10,45 $/month

Features You Get

  • Messages without restrictions in the amount
  • Filters
  • Details compatibility information
  • Statistics
  • Update of matches suggestions on a regular basis
  • Distance Check


Is eHarmony Safe?

What is Comparing to eHarmony, as the review states, the security of the latter is higher. Why?

  • constantly updated Privacy Policy
  • extended adviser
  • encrypted system
  • high prices for frauds

Girlfriends who have no idea of what may threaten them still cope with what the website suggests.

Is A Real Dating Site?

Is eHarmony any good? All these questions have a right to take place, however, with answers being sought by oneself.

  • eHarmony has done a lot of work to make the website look so rich so that one would not do it for fake
  • It has career opportunities
  • Almost everyone leaves the review which one can track and check

How Many Members Does Have?

The truth about eHarmony that one cannot see the exact number of members. The review reminds everyone that the figure they see shows just the matches. What does it mean? eHarmony does not give a questionnaire in the beginning in vain. As a result, the number of girls you see is narrowed down to that particular of ones who are compatible with you. So, do not be afraid to see just 1 000 girls. It is okay.

Is eHarmony Worth It?

Is eHarmony worth paying for? If to analyze, the payments even in installments are not affordable for everyone. Can the review justify it?

  • Many experts who work on your matches
  • A lot of engineers who work on decreasing of complicated buttons
  • Many ladies who will appeal to you

How To Use

It is not complicated at all, as the system is more or less automated. Two pages of Home, Matches, and Messaging will not cause a problem with the understanding of what it is.

  • Before using chatting, make sure you have opted for matches
  • A green circle indicates that a girl is online
  • The weird number in the upper left corner is how compatible you are with a girl

Is Free?

Unfortunately, almost all the advanced features are to be paid for. eHarmony offers for gratis:

  • eHarmony free search
  • Browsing
  • Partial Compatibility information
  • Partial display of profiles

For an additional price, you may subscribe to either of the packages. They give all the range of functions, including the most important one: messaging.

Can I Use Anonymously?

You can manage all such details on Data & settings tab:

  • Make your profile invisible by ticking the button. As a result, one will not see you in their Matches lists. This is in case you have found your perfect better-half.
  • Make you be seen as inactive. In case you have no wish to reply to messages.

How Can I Delete the Profile?

Is eHarmony a good dating site? Every one should find a right answer by themselves. However, to change the mind is human. People can deactivate their profile on eHarmony. The review may help with it:

  • Data & Settings tab
  • Below the Profile Visibility, there is an option to delete the account.


Thus, eHarmony is not a rookie creation. The efforts of professionals are seen from the very beginning. We are to pay great tribute to the psychologist who managed to start it from scratch. It is not free, but eHarmony review proves that we are to pay for amenities sometimes. This online dating website amazes how precise it plumps for suggestions. The compatibility is a real card up its sleeve.