Hingle Review

Updated on Apr 2022
Hinge was created in 2013 to search for your matches among your Facebook friends. Hook will not offer you, strangers, even if at first glance it seems so. You can receive notifications and suggestions about your friends’ friends on Facebook. As Hinge reviews show, your connections on this site are not required to create matches or break them. It may just be to expand your future search range. Hinge is completely free, and if you want to join via Facebook, then you can do it anytime. You have a high chance of success if you are looking for a partner on Hinge.

You can chat with people in the Hingle app, but the review shows that the site encourages everyone to make real meetings instead of virtual ones. Hinge looks for common interests with your matches to make it easier for you to start a conversation. Hinge uses all your Facebook information, even your place of work or school. If you do not want strangers to see your personal information, you can edit or delete it. Hinge is a mobile application, so if you do not have a smartphone, you will not be able to use it. Despite being only a mobile version, Hinge review shows that the site is visited by about 100,000 users a year. Most of these people are in the USA and Canada. Hingle ranks 1027th among all social networks and promotes 100% organic traffic.

Hinge is not a regular dating site because it makes it seem like a circle of your friends and acquaintances. It will be much easier for you to find a partner among the people with whom you have much in common. In this Hinge review, you will learn how to register online and then find and make a chat with a person that you like.

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Pros and Cons


  • Hinge review app is free, and you can use it at any time
  • All your matches are from Facebook, and you already know them
  • Hinge has a beautiful design and user-friendly interface
  • You can find a lot of new friends due to Facebook


  • everyone can see all your information on Hinge, even private one
  • available to users who are more than 13
  • you have to upgrade if you want to see more than ten matches in a week
  • Hinge reviews show there are a lot of fakes that can pretend your friends


Hinge has recently updated their version of the app, and there are now many new features available. The truth about Hinge is that you can use this application for free, but many of your features will be limited. If you use the paid version of the app, you will be open to user comments, search, and likes. A new feature called Dealbreakers is available on Hinge. It allows you to meet those users whom you cannot get to know on their own because of their religion or age. This feature creates messages that your partner will surely appreciate and will pay attention to. You will also gain access to your Favorite Friends, and if this is mutual, you will be able to reach them via email.

If you wish, you can in the future upgrade your paid version to get unlimited likes and new criteria for finding a partner. Because Hinge users are only from your Facebook, you can avoid any randoms. Also, because Hingle shows off your mutual friends, you have the ability to avoid ex’s, your parents’ friends, and those you wouldn’t want to see. You also have a much better chance of having a real date at Hinge by merely inviting one of your friends for a date.

At Hinge, you can also see many features associated with the communication. Hinge dating reviews show that on this site you can chat, make video calls, dislike each other, and even send letters. If you liked someone, you could send him a liking that will get his attention. If you are a paid user, then you can send endless likes and then you will definitely be noticed. With MatchMe, Hinge instantly offers you a wide variety of people you may like. This platform has many different features that can save you time and bring you closer to a dream date.

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Sign Up

How Does Hinge Work? You need your Facebook account to sign up. If you don’t have Facebook, you won’t be able to sign up because Hingle takes all your personal information right from there. Also, you will not be able to change or delete any information because all your Facebook information will be displayed on your Hinge profile. Hinge also invites you to name your neighbors in order to get information about the gender you are looking for, ethnicity and height. If you do not want to enter this information, you can select the prefer not to say option.

You will also be asked to tell a story that should be between 0 and 150 words. This will help other Hinge users learn more about you and get to know you. If you don’t want to talk about yourself, Hinge will suggest one of your topics, like “my first kiss” and you can write a few words about it. A Hinge.com review shows that your profile will be created with your Facebook photo. If you do not want this photo to be seen by other Hinge users, you can change your photo on Facebook. Later you can add 7 more pictures, but remember that the first photo plays the most significant role, so pay attention.

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Ming Yue photo
Ming Yue
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Search and Profile Quality

Hinge has many different profiles of exciting users. You can visit any profile and view more user information. You will also be able to see his photo and Facebook account. Most users only get to know their Facebook friends. Many people have hundreds of Facebook friends, most of whom are just their acquaintances whom they may already have forgotten. Hinge dating app reviews show that Hinge is an excellent opportunity to remember your friends on Facebook and maybe build a serious relationship with one of them. Hinge is very similar to Snapchat because here every user can also post their stories from life.

If you use the free version, you can create 10 matches or 10 stories a day. This prevents you from using the swipe function right or left to select someone. You can like or comment on someone’s stories and that person may reciprocate. Their personal stories will help you create a friendly atmosphere and learn more about each user’s life. Users can also post videos from Facebook or Instagram. As soon as a user comments on someone’s story, he or she can start an instant chat with that user and even be in the “impressions” list.

If you want to use standard search, review on Hinge dating app shows that in this application you can use extended and straightforward search. With a simple search, you can view all available profiles in Hinge. If you want to refine your search, then Extended Search will allow you to search for users by age, location, and other parameters. You can view all your matches in the “discover” section.


Is Hinge safe? From the very beginning of Hinge’s existence, it was known that not every user could meet a random person. This significantly reduces the chances of a dangerous situation. If you trust and know all your friends on Facebook, then you can no longer worry about security.

The biggest problem for every Hinge user is that all private information from a Facebook account becomes public on this site. You may change this information over time, but the first impression will remain. Anything from your place of work to the personal details that are pictured can be revealed. Before you sign up for Hinge, you must verify all your information and delete the information you do not want everyone to see. A Facebook account saves you time, but it only seems so at first glance. You need to check and edit all the information on Facebook very carefully.

Hinge warns all users to be very careful before revealing all their information when they use a messenger, chat rooms or instant messages. You should always be cautious when meeting a person and make appointments only in public places. Hinge experience shows that the best check for another user would be to view information about his friends on Facebook.

How Much

Is Hinge worth paying for? A free version is available in this application that restricts your access. You can use chat, likes, search, but it will all be minimal. If you buy a paid subscription, you get an unlimited number of likes. With likes, you can attract the attention of the user you like. If you send him at least 10 likes, then this person will remember you exactly and will want to get to know you. You can also use premium search features to help you find the one you need faster. For example, family plans, bad habits, and workplaces will no longer remain taboo topics.

The Review of Hinge dating app shows that you will also be able to view those who liked you. With a paid subscription, you can even ask for help from experts. The site staff will help you with dating at any time. If you want to buy a one-month subscription it will cost $ 10.99. If you want to buy for 3 months it will be $ 6.99 / month, and for 6 months – $ 4.99 / month. Hinge subscription is very cheap, but it will give you many advantages over other users.

Customer Support

If you have any questions while using Hinge, then you can visit the FAQ page. There you will find answers to the many questions that have been asked throughout the years of Hinge’s existence. Hinge dating app review shows that in this application you can also fill out the form and indicate in it your problem, and the site staff will consider your question in the near future. Since there are so many users, some issues may get lost, then you can duplicate them.

For premium users, there are dedicated experts who help you solve any questions instantly. You just need to write to one of the experts and you will get a solution. Hinge is concerned about all its users, so the site has a special chat room where all users can share their problems and comments. It is best when the problem is solved by those who have already encountered it.


Is Hinge any good? This app has many benefits such as chat, Facebook account, and premium subscription. But also all your personal information from Facebook will be disclosed to all users. If you are a public person and don’t care that everyone can see your place of work, family status, etc., then Hinge is for you. You will be able to save your time and not fill in your data because all your data will appear after authorization on Facebook.

Is Hinge worth it? Hinge is a great application, with an intuitive interface and convenience. Hinge maintains the perfect balance between interface colors, user-friendliness, and match-making. I didn’t notice any bugs in using Hinge, but I noticed a lot of fake profiles. Hinge has everything you need for friendship, serious relationships, and marriage. If it is more convenient for you to use the app on your phone rather than visit the site, then this is for you.


Who Owns Hinge?

This app is managed by a group of people who created Tinder and other similar apps.

Who Can Join This App?

Anyone over 18 has Facebook, and a smartphone can join Hinge for free.

Is Hinge a Good Dating App?

If you are satisfied with all the pros and cons of Hinge, then this is a good app for you. Hinge has significant restrictions on a Facebook account, unlike other dating sites.

Is Premium Subscription Auto-renewed?

Yes, after your current subscription expires, it is automatically renewed for the same term at the same price.

How Does Hinge work?

Hinge connects people and creates matches using your sign-up questions. The site also takes your information from Facebook and provides you with basic suggestions.

Is It Safe?

Compared to other similar applications, there are many users with bad intentions. Anyone can sign up for Hinge for free and you have to be careful.