Why Balinese Brides Are Worth Choosing

Updated on Apr 2022
Balinese brides, just like all women from different parts of Asia, are some of the most desired women among American guys. Asian ladies are charming, warm-hearted, and sweet. Their unique look and positive characteristics make men want to date and marry them. These beautiful girls live under the sun, walking by the ocean and eating healthy food: all of this makes them happy and blessed. They lack only one thing – love.

Bali is a small island in Indonesia, but it is filled with some of the most charming women on the planet. Balinese mail order brides are one of the main attractions in this world. Over the last few decades, Bali turned into a popular tourist destination and a place to find the most beautiful wife.

So, both American bachelors and Balinese mail-order brides search for love. Bali is undoubtedly a great place to have a romantic date with a stunning woman. Through this article, we will talk in detail about Balinese women for marriage, how to meet them and why they are so interested in foreign men.

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Balinese Brides Look And Personality

Balinese girls for marriage are naturally beautiful. They do not need any makeup or fancy clothes to look pretty. A local woman is a symbol of the island’s beauty. In the next paragraphs, we will talk about the appearance and personality of local women.

The Unique And Exotic Look

Balinese mail order wives are not tall, have petite bodies with nice curves. They have dark eyes and soft velvety tanned skin. Local girls have dark and thick hair. Since Indonesia has more than 300 ethnic, therefore, these brides look very attractive. If you have always been attracted to charming ladies in dresses with flowers in their hair, you will meet them on this beautiful island.

Balinese girls for marriage


Balinese brides have high social life, and communication for them is essential. These women have big families and many friends, so they are always busy talking with someone. Chatting with a Balinese bride is easy – she is easy-going, friendly, and warm towards everyone.


Balinese brides for marriage are family-focused. Like all Asian women, they dream of meeting handsome and responsible men and creating a family. They make perfect marriage partners as they have all the necessary knowledge of treating men and how to look after kids. They are also great cooks, making them a great choice for American men who love to eat.


American men who want love, understanding, and support will fall in love with local Balinese brides. These women have big hearts full of love and compassion. They make good friends and life partners taking care of their loved ones. A Balinese wife supports her husband no matter what. She goes with her partner through difficult times and always tries to make his life better.


A typical Balinese wife is loyal and devoted to her husband. She treats him with respect and love, wanting only the best things for him. When a Balinese woman gets married, she devotes her life to her husband. Cheating is a sin, and all women are scared of being unfaithful to their partners.

Submitted to Men

In Indonesian traditions, a woman has to be accepted by the husband. A traditional wife should submit to her husband and ask for the allowance. Balinese brides understand that they may have different opinions in marriage, but they allow their husbands to make final decisions, and they respect it.

All these characteristics make Balinese brides a perfect choice for American guys looking for love. When you meet these women in real life, you will be amazed by how sweet, charming, and welcoming they are. Even on the first date, they will make you feel comfortable.

How Are Balinese Brides Different From American Brides?

The main difference is that Balinese ladies are not influenced by feminism like Western women. They look for manly men and want men to lead in relationships. This is so unlike American ladies who crave to be independent. Balinese brides are not afraid of being weak; they can ask for help and feel good that men can support them. They dream of getting married and having children. Most Balinese brides get married before 30, which is very different to the West.

Balinese women for sale like attention. They enjoy being surrounded by good-looking men. When men give them attention and compliment on their looks, they blossom. In the West, women see it as signs of weakness. This is why so many American men want to meet foreign brides who have not lost these feminine traits.

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Why Do Brides From Bali Looking For Husbands On The Internet?

There are a lot of fantastic advantages to searching online dating platforms. Many local Balinese brides choose to use this service because they feel safe chatting with multiple men from their home; they also get the opportunity to search through thousands of foreign men’s profiles. So compared to face-to-face dating, Balinese marriage websites give more opportunities.

Another factor is that it is so convenient, girls can log on and enter some details about themselves, and in minutes they can start chatting with international men. By using filters, you can find a Balinese bride by age, body type, religion, marital status, and other criteria.

You must remember that local Balinese men drink and tend not to treat women very well. This pushes many Balinese girls to search for alternate men to fall in love with. A legitimate Balinese mail order bride loves the thought of travel and being with an international man in a new country. They have a sense of adventure that gives them a desire to see other landscapes and sceneries.

Girls from Bali look for men who can cater to their needs through dating sites. They would love to meet a man from America to go and live the American dream in the States. The United States is highly thought of by many Balinese ladies, so this is another reason why dating platforms are popular. With so many TV shows being shown on local Balinese TV, women love the idea of living in America.

It is a very sought-after location for many girls. So when the opportunity comes to chat online with American men, these brides jump at the chance.

Evelyn photo
Evelyn photo
Location Bangkok
Age 27
Occupation Cosmetologist
English level Upper Intermediate

Dating Guide: How To Impress A Balinese Bride

Dating a Balinese bride for sale is not difficult. These ladies are easy-going, friendly, and have a good sense of humor. They are romantic in heart, so they like flowers, surprises, romantic dinners, holding hands, and compliments. Also, religion plays a significant role, and since Balinese women are primarily Hindu, their attitude is different from the West.

Tips on Dating Balinese Brides

So here are some good tips for you to follow when meeting a stunning Bali lady:

  • Make the first step

A Balinese woman, just like any other Asian girl for marriage, will never make the first step. These ladies are shy and reserved, and they also follow the traditional way of dating when a man leads. So, when meeting women through a Balinese wife finder or in real life, make the first step. Send a woman you like a message or approach a lady you fancy.

  • Do not assume you can get any girl

Some American men believe that their skin color and the fact that they are foreigners will help them get any Balinese mail order bride. This is arrogant and not true. Balinese women are attracted to kind, polite and genuine men. These women are smart enough to recognize your intentions. So, you will get a girl only if you have good intentions.

  • Compliment her beauty

The tip that works in most countries is complimenting women’s looks. To get Balinese mail order brides, you should be generous with words. Tell a woman how beautiful she is, how smart she is, how caring she is and what a wonderful wife she would make.

  • Prove that you can take care of her

For Balinese women looking for marriage with foreign men, stability is important. Many girls leave their home country to get married and live with their foreign husbands. However, they want a better life and know that their marriage partners will care for them. So if you want to marry a local girl, you should prove that you can support her financially.

  • Make sure you are on the same page

If you want to enjoy dating your Balinese bride, you need to make sure you are on the same page. Talk about relationships, marriage, kids, and values. Even though Balinese brides are easy-going, they may have different values to you. It is important to have a lot in common.

As you can see, there is no science behind dating Indonesian ladies.

Balinese Brides

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Why Is Looking For A Bride On The Internet Ok?

The reason so many foreign men search for love through the many dating websites online is ease and convenience. It allows users to search for the exact bride they desire by using the filters available. It is easy to find a wife in Bali when you decide to use dating services. It only requires a little information from you, such as name, height, age, and information on what you are looking for.

Then you can look through the countless beautiful foreign brides in Bali for someone you can spend time with. It is such a safe and easy process compared to going to a busy, loud nightclub and spending all night chatting to different ladies. Men from Europe and America can log on to their PC and sit on their favorite sofa while chatting to beautiful brides in Bali.

Through a reliable dating establishment online, you can locate the perfect Balinese woman and enjoy some conversations with her online in minutes. Once you get to know each other, you will then arrange a face-to-face meeting if you desire. There is such a wide selection when you want to buy a bride in Bali; you will not believe your eyes. Women from Bali are eager to meet an international man so they can change their life and start a new life elsewhere.

Overall, to buy a Balinese wife is easy; you just need to find the one compatible. Dating websites give men from America and Europe the opportunity to find a Balinese wife and feel loved. It is an easy process where everyone gets what they want.


Balinese women looking for marriage are the best choice for romantic men willing to commit to serious relationships. American men who search for feminine, caring, and devoted wives will admire Asian women and find marriage with them pure joy.