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Updated on Apr 2022

What do you know about Uzbekistan? Or the better question will be: what do most Western men know about this country. Probably almost all know that it is a part of Soviet Central Asia because it was a part of the Soviet Union until 1991. And usually, when you are trying to imagine something that you associate with the USSR, leaders of the list are bears, Siberia and other stereotypes generated in the Cold War period. So, all of these things are hardly associated with a desire to think about dating an Uzbekistan girl.

But let’s explore something more about this beautiful country, their traditions, and women that are living there and maybe it will change your mind.

Best Uzbekistani Mail Order Bride Sites - Main Advantages

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What Makes Uzbekistan Brides so Special

As all Central Asia nations, Uzbekistan women have really strong family values, so if you are looking for a lady for serious relationships and even for marriage, Uzbekistan lady is the right choice.

You know, many Western women try to become so independent and so similar to men’s lifestyle, that they start to think that being a housewife is almost embarrassing. Did you hear Jennifer Lopez song “Ain’t your mama”, where she sings that she will not be cooking, doing laundry, etc.? So, if you are still old school thinker and family atmosphere at home, with tasty smell from kitchen, is still important for you, Uzbekistan bride can meet these expectations.

Are you interested? If so, let’s go further.

How to Date an Uzbekistan Woman

Probably scenario to fly there and spend a couple of months for it is not so attractive for you and it is quite reasonable. But what if you can start your search online by using your desktop, or even laptop, tablet and smartphone? How is it possible? Pretty easy, so let’s look how exactly.

We all know the fundamental rule from economic theory that sounds like this: in the presence of demand, supply will appear. And it worked in case of international meeting resources. When so many singles around the world are looking for their second half, international dating platforms are rapidly developing to satisfy this bright desire to find true love.

And you can find numerous dating web sites with a large number of profiles of beautiful Uzbekistan women. But the next question that should be asked is: what about safety? Because to know somebody better and become enough close to inviting her on a real date, both of you should be sincere and let each other know a lot of personal information.

But if we are talking about the Internet, there are so many scammers that will be happy to steal some info and then use it in their own benefit or girls who just models who want to have fun and get some presents. For those who would like to feel safe and know that all their information is totally protected, there are next platforms with proven reputation:

  • FindAsianBeauty
  • AsianBeautyOnline
  • DateAsianWoman
  • AsiaMe

Perfect Uzbekistan Brides2

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How to Use Dating Sites


All registration process will take less than 5 minutes. Let’s describe it step by step:

  • Choose one of mentioned above dating platform and put its name into the search bar of your browser;
  • On the first link and go on the site’s landing page;
  • This page will offer you to sign in if already have an account there, or sign up and pass the registration if you would like to create it;
  • When you choose the second option, the website will provide you with a short registration form that includes only a couple of questions and answers on them will not take a lot of your time:
  • Your name, to make Uzbekistan girls and client support team know how to call you during the communication:
  • Date of birth, everyone loves presents and that is how you will let your girlfriends know when is your main celebration;
  • Email address, it’s needed to be mentioned for connection with the client support team and in case you would like to share your contacts with some cute girl in the future.

Complete Your Profile

After you create your account and get into your profile, you should fill it out with some additional information that helps Uzbekistan females interested in you and write to you first. What kind of information should it be?

  • A brief story about yourself, your hobbies, what you are looking for, what do you like in women, how do you see your family life and what is extremely crucial for you, etc.;
  • At least a couple of photos, to make ladies feel that they are speaking with the real person.

Find Uzbekistan Women

One more great news, registration is totally free. So you can look at the web site and check basic features there and paid nothing for it.

Communicate With Brides & Dates

And yes, when you would like to use all the features of the platform and start chatting and mailing with beautiful Uzbekistan girls, you will need to pay for it. It works like this: every option on the site has a price in credits, so you need to buy a package of them. There are different types of packages that include a different number of credits. As a rule, bigger packages provide you with a lower price per credit and, opposite, packages with a small number of credits have a higher price per each of them.

Why do dating platforms use a paid basis system of work? There are two objective reasons. The first one is “there is no such thing as a free lunch”, what means that if you would like to get a high-level service (anti-scam protection especially), you need to pay for the people who work on it. The second – paid basis system makes web site free from the people who are there just for having some fun and they are just wasting the time of others.

Evelyn photo
Evelyn photo
Location Bangkok
Age 27
Occupation Cosmetologist
English level Upper Intermediate

Why Those Sites Are the Best for Meeting Uzbekistan Single Ladies 

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Before meeting Uzbekistan women in real life in some café or restaurant, you need to become close enough for it. So how can you do it through the web site?


It is one of the most dynamic ways of communication and it will help you to understand what is really on her mind right now;

Sending Long Letters

You can send a letter to Uzbekistan mail order brides and receive their responses. It is a really romantic way to get to know each other better. Old school, but still working;


Some platforms provide you with an opportunity to speak with brides from Uzbekistan via the phone or Skype. Also, they provide you with an interpreter who will help you with the language barrier;

Translation Services

The same interpreter service will be available if you decide to date an Uzbekistan girl when you both will be ready for it.

By the way, the website can even help you to buy some presents for your mail order Uzbekistan brides. You just need to choose on the site what exactly you would like to present and pay for it, and the platform’s team will do everything else, including sending you a photo with the happy girl when she gets a gift.


Do your impression of mail order Uzbekistan brides and the country in general? If yes, feel free to go on one of mentioned above international dating platform and find your second half there. And web site’s team will do everything to make you feel safe and do not worry about anything except your way to your soul mate.

Success Stories from Uzbekistani Dating Sites

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John and Maya EasternHoneys logo
John and Maya’s love story began on a dating site. They bonded over shared interests in art, travel, and adventure. Their initial digital connection bloomed into real-life chemistry during a coffee date. As they explored each other's worlds, hiking trails and exploring galleries, their bond deepened. John proposed during a mountain getaway, blending their love for adventure and romance. Their wedding united friends and family, marking the start of a new chapter built on trust, shared passions, and the beauty of online connections turned into lasting love.
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Gabriel and Leilani AsianMelodies logo
Gabriel and Leilani met on a dating site, bonding over their love for music and literature. Their first café meeting felt like meeting old friends. They supported each other through life's ups and downs, culminating in a starlit proposal and a joyous wedding. Their story shows the magic of online connections blossoming into a beautiful lifelong love.