Plenty of Fish Review

Updated on Apr 2022

Dating online can be a bit annoying, many fake profiles who take relationships seriously, can’t it? So in this review, we decided to figure out whether Plenty of Fish is a scam or not.

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Pros and Cons


  • This site is very popular with many users from different countries, so there are always many users, including women who want to meet foreign men.
  • If you live in a village or a small town, this is an excellent opportunity for you to meet thousands of girls from all over the world.
  • Unlike other online dating sites, plenty of fish reviews show that the function of receiving and sending messages is free and does not need a premium account.
  • You do not need to update your profile to see who has visited your profile. So it’s an excellent opportunity to send flirting or icebreakers to get a woman’s attention.
  • With the Extended Search feature, you can search for brides in many ways, such as education, having children, hobbies, and more.


  • Since this site is free, be prepared to come across many suspicious people. Fakes, prostitutes and scams can register on the site.
  • The truth about POF is that because there are so many users on the site, it will be difficult for you to pay attention to yourself in the competition for the top. Follow all the instructions to stand out from other users.
  • Many people joke that Plenty of Fish is “Plenty of Fatties” and it’s not a joke. Site users complain that you can come across many fakes and suspicious people. Of course, there is always a chance to find a beautiful and smart girl, but first of all, be prepared to go through all the trials. You can filter out those who don’t have a job or a car if you don’t need those people.

You need to upgrade your profile to see extended profiles. Also with the upgrade, you will be able to receive notifications if someone has read your message and you will no longer understand annoying ads.

What Is

POF reviews show that this site was founded in 2003 and is a pioneer in online dating. This site is still popular because many users first tried to find their love here. This site is one of the largest in the world, with nearly 90 million people using it. On the main page, you can see how many people are online now, and usually, this number ranges from 300 to 400 thousand. You can see many positive reviews, and almost 1 million families are created through this site every year. So what is

This site combines dating and matchmaker service. There are many users here who visit this site for various purposes. Some dream of one night, others of long-term relationships, so the site asks each user what he is here for. You can freely search for people that fit your criteria among all users of the site or speed it up with a unique feature that shows the 50 best partners for you every day.

Plenty of fish review shows that POF brings together hundreds of different features and apps available on other online dating sites. You also can search only those users who are near you. This feature will help you organize your date today. You can also view different users’ photos and scroll right or left. These users are added to your list of favorites.

Over the past year, this site has released a lot of upgrades for every user to enjoy. All these fanatics sitting at home can be satisfied, as now there is even accessible through the Google Assistant to this platform. Recently, there was an app for Android and iOS with a much more user-friendly interface than on the site. Also, last year, a new feature was released, with the help of which each user is interviewed in any part of the page from time to time. Thanks to this, many more people have found their partners.

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How Does Plenty of Fish Work

How Does A Lot Of Fish Work? Since there are so many users on this site, you will have to try very hard to get someone to notice you. And if you dream of the most attractive woman on this site, then you have very little chance at least that she will respond to your message. But on this site, there is a solution to this problem. Thanks to the excellent icebreakers feature, you can send any template message to a woman. These messages were created by professionals to get even the most beautiful girls to pay attention to you.

But even to take advantage of this great feature, you need to look at hundreds of girls’ profiles to choose one, and suddenly something goes wrong? To do this, Plenty of Fish has particular experts who are working with you all the way to get a woman’s attention. Then you can continue to communicate with the woman yourself because the first step has already been taken.

After you have been dating a girl for a while, plenty of fish review website offers you a video call feature. This will help you get closer to the bride and possibly make an appointment. Also on this site is a real-world meeting feature created by site staff specifically for you. You can make an appointment in any public place or even attend an event together. This site does not deceive its users in any way, because you can freely use the site and hundreds of reviews guarantee a positive result. No matter what you are here for, maybe friendships or relationships or even marriage, all your dreams will come true.

Ming Yue photo
Ming Yue photo
Ming Yue
Location Beijing
Age 29
Occupation Dancer
English level Upper Intermediate

How to Get Started on Plenty of Fish

You must start with registration. Registering on this site is easy, but a little boring. You have to answer dozens of questions, and almost all fields are required. You must provide your zip code for the site to help you find those near you. Plenty of fish dating reviews show that you have to specify your city, gender, age, who you are looking for, hair color, height, and more. You also need to answer more intimate questions such as your religion, whether you use alcohol or drugs, your marital status, having children, and more. After you have mastered these standard questions, you can move on to completing your account, which consists of specific steps.

  • username
  • profile information
  • killer photos

How to Choose a Username

In order to find the right username, you have to think very well because your username must be different from others. When she sees your message, your username will make an instant impression. And it depends on whether she gives you a kiss or says goodbye. Do you think she’ll be impressed with “Gh125H”? In addition to creating a username, you also need to come up with a title, because it is highlighted at the level of a username and is equally important. If your headline is unusual for her, then it will stop for a couple of seconds and look at your photo a little longer.

PlentyOfFish Registration

Your headline should be compelling, but make it easy to read. It’s proven that people memorize easy-to-read words. So if your headline is just that, then the girl will remember it for a long time. But the fact that it should be easy to read does not mean that you have to be lazy and come up with nothing. You do not want anyone to think that you are not serious about dating, or worse that you have some problems with your intellect.

How to Fill In Your Profile

Next, you need to fill out your profile so that she can’t resist. It is true that good photos attract attention, but until the girl looks at your information. A horrifying profile will significantly reduce your chances. A POF dating site review shows that much of your profile information is in the About Me section. There you can add a list of your interests or even ideas for a first date. Remember that this site is viral, so try all the ways to get her attention. If you want to find the most beautiful and sexiest woman, then you need to hire a writer to create the perfect profile for you. This site has a Spark feature that allows a girl to comment on your photo or information using the chat icon for relevant content. If you do not have a profile, then you lose the opportunity to be noticed.

Many men find it challenging to write for themselves, so below is a list of what to write and what not to write.


  • Show more than telling. No one needs to read your endless list of adjectives, such as I’m fun, adventurous, and so on. Better write about your trip to Africa last year.
  • Tell 80 percent of yourself and 30 percent of the girl. POF dating site reviews show that a girl will leave your profile if she only sees information about you. But if you write everything about her, it will look like you are trying to please her. Therefore, it is best to keep this ratio.
  • Follow the formula. In the first paragraph, get her attention with an exciting story from your life. In the second, describe how you make a living in some exciting way. In the third, tell us about your hobbies and interests. And in the last, determine what type of woman you are looking for.


  • Forget about grammar. A poll has recently been conducted in which 90% of women check their grammar before paying attention to men.
  • Tell something negative. A woman does not want to read stories about how you were abandoned by your ex or other negative moments in your life. Try to focus on the positive and avoid the negative.
  • review shows that most women do not tolerate swearing, and if you come off like a jerk.

How to Choose the Best Photos

You also need to add some hot photos to attract a woman. You can have a great username, headline, and profile, but luck will never come if you have terrible photos. A review on plenty of fish dating site shows that this site can upload up to 8 pictures if you are a regular user and up to 16 if you are an upgraded user. But you need 3 to 6 photos to have a full profile. It is tough to determine if you have a good profile in 1 or 2 photos, but if you have more than seven photos, then no one has time to look at them. Below is a list of tips for choosing a photo.

  • Show confidence and leadership in every photo.
  • Firstly, show these photos to your friends for feedback.
  • Every photo must be very different from each other.

Plenty of Fish Basic

Is POF worth paying for? This site allows users who have a free subscription to look for body type partners, and this is beneficial if you do not want or vice versa want to meet overweight women. You can also search by relationship type, location, age, and education level. This site restricts people who can write to you within the age of 14 of your own period. Therefore, if you have a similar problem, you cannot change your age. You can only change this option within two weeks of registration. If you need to, you can create a new account or visit another special site.

Is plenty of fish any good? The simple pull-down menu allows you to select female settings such as “thin,” “athletic,” or “average” body type. You cannot sort your score by new users or by those who were online. Active women on this site receive a lot of messages all the time, so sending a message to new users will give you a chance to attract the girl’s attention until another has done so. To save your time, send messages only to those who have recently been online. Sorting the result by who was last online will help you not send a message to those who have visited a long time ago.

Plenty of Fish Advanced Search

POF free search is not very good because it does not save you time and you have to search for women manually. An extended search allows you to search for women by many criteria. For example, do you have a car, your longest relationship, and your orientation? Of course, the more criterion you enter, the less result you get. Create a silhouette of the woman of your dreams and try to find her using these criteria.

Unfortunately, this search is paid, but it saves a lot of time. Is plenty of fish worth it? Yes, because you no longer have to ask every girl all these awkward questions. You can immediately move to the next level of your relationship with this feature. There is also a small life hack for the messages. You can save, copy, and paste the template messages you have prepared for each type of woman. For example, if a woman is looking for a traveler, then you will send a ready message on the subject to her.


Many people ask the question is plenty of fish safe? This site is no exception, and it often happens various scams, as well as many profiles,  are fakes. Site Support tries to help every user, but sometimes they don’t have time. But if you follow all the rules of safety on this site, then you will not have unpleasant situations. The platform has many different features, such as Extended Search or video calls. They help you save time, but they are paid.

Is POF a good dating site? There is no single answer because everyone thinks differently. This site has certain pros and cons, and if you are careful, you can avoid some cons. You will find it difficult to avoid the fact that there are a large number of users on the site, and it will be difficult to attract attention to yourself. You have to try very hard to make your profile the best. The main advantage of this site is that it is free, and you can even use some communication features for free. It is up to you to decide if you should visit this platform.