Ourtime.com Review

Updated on Apr 2022
Ourtime.com review shows that this is a dating site that was founded by a group of people in 2011. Since then, this site has gained some popularity and experience. But is Ourtime.com really competing with other popular dating sites? We will cover every aspect of this site in detail, and you will be able to read a lot of interesting information about this platform.

This site enables men and women over 50 to find people in or near other countries. Ourtime.com users can search for a friend, colleague, partner for relationship or marriage. This site has about 5 million visitors who are online almost every day. But this site has many disadvantages, which you can also learn about in this article. Ourtime.com says it’s completely secure, but user reviews report the opposite. There are many fake profiles on the site, so you have to be careful all the time to avoid being fooled. Some users search for relationships just for fun, so you should look for those whose views are the same as yours.

After successful registration, you can start your search. You can talk to girls with different features. If you are dreaming of getting married or having a serious relationship, then read this review to navigate Ourtime.com better.


  • You can join Ourtime dating site for free
  • The excellent interface helps for better understanding services
  • If you want to get more features, you can upgrade your profile


  • The free account does not give you access to all feature
  • Ourtime.com dating review shows that there are many fakes
  • There are very few communicating features
  • You must pay every week if you have a premium subscription

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Easy to Use

Getting started with this site is very easy, so each step is straightforward and well explained. But at some point, you may be bored with endless information and answering questions. If you are not visiting such sites for the first time, it may be easier for you to understand the usage. At the top, you can see basic features such as editing a profile, adding new photos, viewing profiles of other users, and if you wish and signing up for a paid subscription.

Also, a review of Ourtime shows that this site has a search feature that helps you find the right person faster. You must enter the location, gender, and type of relationship you are looking for. Different people are looking for mixed relationships, so be sure to enter exactly what you want to find. Advanced search is also available on Ourtime.com, but is only available to premium users. It can help you find people by entering sexual orientation, education, family status, interests, and more. You can also select only profiles that have photos. Once you have liked certain users of Ourtime.com, you can send them a virtual flirt or add them to your favorites.

The site also has unique algorithms that can match you to match your activity. But unfortunately, this system is not perfect, so very often you will receive many profiles that you are not interested in or those that you have chosen yourself. You can also see a list of today’s Matches and choose from them if needed. If you are interested in another girl just wants to chat with you, you can click Match Me. If you get the same message in return, then the girl likes you. But you can only access this feature after uploading at least one photo to Ourtime.com.

If you are ready to do something offline, there is a whole section called Events on the site. You can take hours of cooking or other exciting things, so just check it out.

Sign Up

Signing up for Ourtime.com is a few steps away, and you can see a list of them below.

  • basic information
  • some questionnaires
  • detailed information
  • choose the subscription
  • upload photos and videos

First, you only need to enter your name, email, date of birth, and who you are looking for. This is the first stage, and it is straightforward. You will then need to confirm your email and only then will you have access to the following steps. After confirming the email, go through a few questionnaires where you should give a short answer to specific questions, such as what relationship you are looking for.

You should then fill out more information about yourself that anyone can see on your profile as Ourtime dating website review says. For example, your interests, family status, etc. After that, you have to choose the type of subscription, so it will decide your access to the features. If you continue to use the free version, your access will be significantly restricted, and you will not be able to communicate with the girls. No matter if you visit Ourtime.com for a serious relationship or for flirting, you need communication. You can then upload your photos and videos to this site. Only users who have a paid subscription will be able to view them.

Therefore, it can be said that the registration process is quite long, so for people over 50, it can be confusing and unclear.

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Search and Profile Quality

Ourtime.com has the ability to view other users’ photos without a paid subscription. But unfortunately, the site does not have every user verified, so you cannot check that this profile is a fake. Each page may have detailed information that you can use to determine if you match someone. But some users do not fill in this information, so you may find it challenging to learn more. This site shows that there are several fake profiles, but site staff occasionally check them. You can change your profile information at any time.

Assuming all the information on the profiles is correct, you can find out a lot of details about the user before chatting. It is not difficult to find a suitable partner on Ourtime.com if there are not so many scams on the site. For search, you can use different types of searches. You can search for a relationship partner for all users, or specify specific search options — for example, location, age, relationship type, and more. For premium users, Extended Search is used to save time. You can also choose from the ones the site offers.

Ming Yue photo
Ming Yue photo
Ming Yue
Location Beijing
Age 29
Occupation Dancer
English level Upper Intermediate


Ourtime.com reviews say this site also has dating tips on its homepage. On online dating sites like this, it’s essential that the site is entirely secure and your personal information is confidential. This site maintains the privacy of your users’ information, so you may not worry. The site staff tries to study each user and monitor his behavior on the site in order to avoid possibly dangerous situations. But it is physically impossible to keep track of them all, so sometimes such cases happen on Ourtime.com. This site is not only thinking about business but is also concerned about security.

This site provides advice on both online and offline dating. He advises restricting access to his page to those who are suspicious or likely to be fraudulent. On this site, you can see the phone numbers you need to call in case of fraud, support, scam, or physical assault.

The site also has a list of questions you may want to hear answered. So, before contacting customer support, look for an answer there. If you do not see a specific item on the list, you can use the search.

How Much

The site has a monthly payment system. You can join this platform for free, but you will only get access to certain features. For example, you can search for people for free. But many other features that make it easy to use are paid. For example, a ConnectMe feature that helps you communicate more intimately. If you have been using chat for a long time, then you may want to go to the next level. This feature helps you exchange numbers for further communication. Dating site Ourtime.com reviews show that paid features also include NotifyMe, which notifies you every time someone visits your profile.

You can also use MatchMe with a paid subscription. Ourtime.com’s subscription bonus also includes a PromoteMe feature that helps make you popular with others. But if many people use this feature, it may not work well, because then someone else may be in the top of the search. You can also make your profile better with ProfilePro. You will be able to add more information about yourself, and only premium users will be able to see it.

For prices, you can purchase a one-month subscription for a standard account for $ 29.96. If you want to save, you can buy for six months at $ 90.00. If you want more privileges, then you can buy Value Subscription. You can only buy this subscription for six months for $ 107.76.

Customer Support

This one of the top dating sites has abysmal support because they do very little work. Ourtime.com has a list of questions and answers from which you can find some information, but unfortunately very often this is not enough. They do not provide a phone number or email to contact them. In fact, their Contact Us link leads to questions and answers. The only thing they do is submit a form where you can write down your question and email it to them.

After you confirm this form, you will receive an automatic response based on the topic you have selected. If you still haven’t received the answer, then the dating site service will give it to you.

The company says it will answer all questions within 48 hours. With such support, it is challenging to find the right answer to the question you need in time. Lack of support causes many problems nowadays. No matter how popular a site is, employees should ensure that everyone is properly supported. After all, in our time, it becomes very difficult to cope with such situations on their own.


Ourtime.com is one of the online dating sites where you can find a partner for any relationship. The site is easy to use because it is designed for men and women over 50. There are many different features on the site, but most of them are paid. You will not be able to communicate with anyone without a paid subscription. You can only sign up, complete a profile, and find a partner for free. Ourtime.com has different types of searches, so you can use any of them.

On this platform, there are various scams, and there are many fakes, so you need to be careful. Unfortunately, support does not work properly; it does not exist in fact. Therefore, if you decide to join this site, then you should be very careful. Ourtime.com also has a large database, but not every profile has photos and information. So you have to decide for yourself whether you want to visit this platform.


What about the security of this platform?

This site is not completely reliable because statistics show that there are scams. Also, Ourtime.com does not have proper support, so if you have an unpleasant situation, you cannot seek help.

Who are the users of this site?

Ourtime.com, online dating site review, shows that people over 50 are users of this site.

Why is this site popular?

This site is popular because there are many people over 50 who want to find relationships. But other sites aren’t paying enough attention to them, and this site specializes in this age range.