EastMeetEast Review

Updated on Apr 2022

A human always needs any evidence or proof that something is certified or trusted. The EastMeetEast review casts a light on this online wonder of how singles may retain this status no more. Rates can vary from the middle to high, however, so many men, so many minds. Something cannot appeal to everyone. Still, in this article, you will see the main workings of the website. If you do not get how to use it, or even why to opt for it, this review clarifies all of these moments.EastMeetEast reviews deal with this question to a great extent. It must show of course only positive points. Nonetheless, this one will just be an arrow which indicates the direction to understanding.

Top Foreign Girls Profiles

Overall Rating – 8.4/10

9.5 – Female catalog
7.6 – Costs and fees
8.5 – Assistance
8.4 – Photos
8.0 – Profiles

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use
  • Verification system
  • Partnership with others
  • Career opportunities
  • Language variety


  • Expensive


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Short Review


EastMeetEast review of the website is a description of the service where you may find women to date within a wide age range. Senior citizens are not out of view. What is plentyoffish.com? It gives the impression of the sea of mermaids. This website leads to an active position against harassment, “data mine” and information leak. The dating site clearly determines and demonstrates the rules of privacy.

Ming Yue photo
Ming Yue photo
Ming Yue
Location Beijing
Age 29
Occupation Dancer
English level Upper Intermediate

What Is EastmeetEast.com?

The truth about EastMeetEast can be found on the main page. Mariko Tokiaka is the one to blame for so many love and relationship formations. Of course, it is sarcasm, but this girl previously being a co-founder of Quipper(educational and business company) came up with an idea to make people happy. She is a bachelor of Computer science so that the website is legit and well-developed.

All the team works on the improvement and almost every week some bugs are fixed. Sam, Gabriel, and Michael do it intensively. What is more, Kenji can help from the legal aspect as he is a former lawyer.

EastmeetEast.com At A Glance

  • Target audience: Asian ladies
  • Age: not less than 18
  • Peculiarity: EastMeetEast blog
  • Members: people from all over the world
  • Translator: yes

How Does EastmeetEast Work?

The main point of functioning is EastMeetEast free search.

  • Has the option to tick to show people just with photos
  • A user may filter by income
  • A special option to sort by Special blend, Last active, Newly registered, Age.

While searching, you are given various profiles in small icons, where you find:

  • Does a girl reply to all messages or selectively?
  • Age, Country, and Name
  • Two options either to say hi or to send a smile

When you decide to go further, you are to:

  • Click on “say hi”
  • Start messaging. (Please note, you cannot start chatting unless you confirm your registration via email)

The review affirms that girlfriends are shown to you, not at random.


EastMeetEast dating reviews offer free signup. A customer fills in Name, Age, who you are seeking, E-mail. The basic settings are confined to these ones. It, however, is not enough to do anything. There you answer simple questions.

Profile Quality

EastMeetEast Dating site reviews describe an account as:

  • Minimum 4 photos( the one is primary, all the others are secondary; you can manage them whenever you want)
  • Personal information
  • Connection with your Instagram profile
  • Sports interest

A great amount of attention is paid to income. Asia is much a material country. They are fixed on the spiritual world, however, money does not bring up the rear.

Safety & Security

Many people wonder ‘Is EastMeetEast any good? It is legit and not a scam?’ Means of collecting information by the website:

  • Log Files – your IP address may be tracked, however not disclosed. It is gathered to understand what part of the world is the most active on the service. The review of EastmeetEast indicated the Asia region.
  • Information indicated by you
  • E-mails
  • Phone use
  • Searches analysis. etc.

All the information is accessible only to EastmeetEast employees.

Help & Support

EastMeetEast reviews reveal contacts, even though it can be reached on the website at the very bottom.

You may reach out to administration:

Click on Contact. Fill in the Subject of your inquiry and describe the problem which you are faced with.
Visit the main office. The address: 32 W 39th Street, Suite 4
There are no working hours indicated, but it is expected that the response is given within 24 hours. Sometimes, there can be an exclusion.


The statistics show that the time for a person to meet his or her partner reaches approximately up to 9 months. EastMeetEast dating site review mentions the following price list:

Standard Subscription


  • Unlimited number of text messages
  • Advanced search field
  • Smiles addressed to you
  • Hide or block users


  • 1 month – 34,99 $
  • 3 months – 22,99 $/month(34 % lower than the first package)
  • 6 months – 17,99 $/month(48 % discount comparing to the first one)
  • 1 year – 11,99 $/ month( 65 % saved)

Premium Subscription


  • All the functions provided by Standard one
  • More filters while searching process
  • Expert’s help
  • Matches suggestions
  • Receipts


  • 1 month – 49,99 $
  • 3 months – 27,99 $/month(44 % lower than the first package)
  • 6 months – 20,99 $/month(58 % discount comparing to the first one)
  • 1 year – 12,99 $/ month( 74 % saved)

Please note, the difference between 1-year Standard and Premium Memberships is just 1 dollar.


Is EastMeetEast Safe?

Review on EastMeetEast dating site is tired of reiterating the same. Each is responsible for some of the credentials on their own. One should take a look at Privacy Policy. Moreover, it is advisable that people should follow the Safety rules whatever they use. Why is it legit from the website’s perspective? It uses an encrypted system.

Is EastmeEastMeetEast.com A Real Dating Site?

The review alludes to the success stories, which make everyone realize that this is not the fake.

Why should we believe: Success Stories
All of them contain the names of happy couples. It is also indicated the city they are from. Any time, you can write to them to check whether everything corresponds to reality: Press Releases There are three of them. Three articles with the latest in 2018 with technology advances referring to this dating website.

How Many Members Does EastMeetEast.com Have?

The review of EastmeetEast does not give an accurate number of customers on this dating website. It can be tracked by the employees themselves, however, it is not in open access. Over 10 000 users login to this online dating service every day. Over 10 000 people have found their love already.

Is EastMeetEast Worth It?

One may ask it while taking a look at the prices. They are higher than the average person can afford. Why is it good?

  • You are unlikely to date a child, as their budget does not stretch to such an extent to pay for all the functions
  • You rather meet a man with a big income
  • Low chance of fraud as one should spend much money on that

How To Use EastMeetEast.com?

The EastmeetEast website consists of 5 tabs: Search, Messages, Smiles, Visitors, Subscribe.

  • Search – frequently used in the very beginning
  • Messages – endlessly used while it is the main means of communication
  • Smiles and Visitors show the popularity
  • Subscribe – incorporated the information about the prices and the way of subscribing to Membership

In the upper right corner, you can see your profile settings. They are typically managed only at the start.

Is EastMeetEast.com Free?

It is, but not in the whole sense. You get for free just simple search and browsing. For further functions, you are to subscribe. For more details, go to Pricing information. Is EastMeetEast worth paying for? Everyone has versatile viewpoints on what a man should spend money on and what is not worthy at all.

Can I Use EastMeetEast.com Anonymously?

Actually, the review suggests no option to lurk from other users and follow them remaining anonymous.

However, there is a “hide user” option.

  • It is located in the settings
  • It enables you to be invisible for the users you blocked
  • You will never ever see the profile of this person again.

How Can I Delete My EastMeetEast.com Profile?

EastMeetEast.com review must answer this question, as there can be a lot of reasons for deactivating the social media page. Step by step you can do it:

Step 1. At the upper right corner, there is a percent of the fullness of the profile. Above it, a small arrow is located. Clicking on that will redirect you to the page of Settings

Step 2. The first you are linked to is the account tab of EastmeetEast.

Step 3. Below the linking ability to set up the account connections with Instagram and Facebook, there is a chance to Delete your account.



EastmeetEast.com is a fully-equipped online dating website. This article gives you an idea of how much an average person is to pay for the use of the site. It casts a light on how a human can save some money by following some life hacks. The total review can be neither positive nor negative. Of course, it is rather a subjective one, but one cannot truly believe in words without arguments given.

The main drawback of EastmeetEast is pricing. It is comparatively expensive, but commonly the good things compensate for these negative points.