Korean Mail Order Brides Cost

Korean culture becomes more and more popular every year and it also raises interest in Korean people. Looking at gorgeous women in TV shows or music videos, it is easy to fall in love with their appearance and characters. But how to meet one of these women? In this article, we want to tell you everything about Korean wives online. How can you impress them and how much do Korean mail order brides cost? Keep with us to know more!

What Do Korean Mail Order Brides Look Like?

Korean women for marriage are known as one of the most beautiful in Asia. The average local woman is good-looking, smart, polite, kind, and has a sense of style. These traits attract foreigners a lot. But what else do we need to know about beauties from Korea? Let’s find out more before answering the main question – how much does a Korean wife cost?

Cult of Beauty

The exotic appearance of women from Korea is the first thing that catches the eye. Their pale skin, dark hair, and eyes fascinate foreigners. Korean brides are beautiful indeed. What is the secret of their beauty?

Well, the main reason is women in Korea take care of their appearance a lot. Every bride has a daily beauty routine with many skincare products to keep the natural beauty. You can notice that even women after 50 look fantastic in Korea.

Despite the pretty natural look, all women here are obsessed with makeup. Beauty standards in South Korea are very high and every female wants to follow them. Therefore, you rarely can meet a lady without makeup on city streets in this country.

Another popular thing on a chase of ideal appearance is cosmetic surgeries. It’s not a secret that sometimes Korean brides like to change some parts of their faces and bodies. According to statistics, around 25% of local women in age 20-30 and 30% in age 30-40 had plastic surgery.

Deep Inner World

Beauty is not the only thing that attracts foreigners to these Asian brides for marriage. Their personality also plays a role in their popularity. If you think that real Korean women looking for marriage act in the same way as characters on TV shows, you’re quite right. Here are their most common personality traits.

They are shy and emotional. It might seem contradictory, but Korean brides really combine these two traits in themselves. When you meet one of them for the first time, she will act shyly and cute. But after you get to know each other better, she will become more confident and emotional. Women in South Korea like to show their true emotions to friends, boyfriends, and families. It makes communication more lively and open.

korean mail order brides cost

Their life is dynamic. The rhythm of life in Korea is really fast. They have a culture of hurrying and everyone is used to it. The modern girl here has a life full of work, home duties, hobbies, and other things that take time. As a result, the desire to make everything as fast as possible helps to succeed both at work and in personal life.

They are respectful and well-mannered. Firstly, it applies to their relations with strangers. Koreans value the personal space of every person and try to be polite with each other. Also, there is tradition to talk with elder people in a polite manner, no matter if the person is 1 year or 30 years older than you. It is another reason why women can seem shy at first – they’re just polite with you.

Why Korean Women Are One of the Best Foreign Brides

There is no doubt that women from South Korea possess inner and outer beauty. But why do a lot of men choose them for serious relationships? Growing under the influence of rich culture, every woman in South Korea absorbed the best qualities for any young lady. Let’s take a look at what makes Korean mail-order brides unique and perfect for marriage.

  • They like Western culture a lot. It is not a secret that many Korean women are obsessed with American and European modern culture and trends. They are inspired by it and would like to feel it more. That’s why it is not a problem for them to move to the U.S. and adapt to life there.
  • They keep traditional family values. The family model in Korea is based on the understanding and support of spouses. The husband is the head of the family who protects his family and provides them with love, resources, and care. The woman’s role is similar, but she takes care of the children, her husband, and the happiness at home.
  • Most women in Korea know English. It will make your relationships much easier. When you don’t have a language barrier with a person you like, everything goes much better and faster.

Korean Mail Order Brides How Much Do They Cost?

Dating foreign women requires a lot of expenses, especially when you decide to do it in the traditional offline way. But nowadays we have an amazing alternative way to meet love in other countries without leaving yours. Online dating increases your chances to find a perfect partner, gives you the opportunity to communicate with Korean singles who are far away from you.

If you are dreaming about a charming Korean wife, the best place for you are Korean marriage websites. There are many women looking for love and serious relationships. But is it cheaper than real-life dating? How much do Korean mail order brides cost?

What Affects Mail Order Brides’ Pricing

What does buying a Korean bride mean? It’s the way to describe all expenses on mail order brides’ websites. Almost every online dating service has paid membership or extra tools for communication. It affects the price that every Korean wife finder needs to pay. Let’s check the main paid options on the dating sites:

  • Communication tools chosen. It is the main factor that forms the Korean mail order wife price. It includes chats, video chats, streams, emails, and sometimes several special features. Usually, every minute of conversation or every sent letter must be paid according to mail order brides pricing and can be different from one service to another.
  • Virtual gifts, photos, and videos. Do you want to send or receive something like this in chat or a letter with your Korean bride for sale? Well, on most mail brides’ websites it requires some extra payments too.
  • Flowers and orders delivery. Many websites offer a delivery service where you can order flowers or a real gift for your girl. These real-life orders to your Korean mail bride cost according to the type of gift and delivery company pricing.
  • Type of membership. A lot of websites have monthly paid subscriptions that give you access to all communication features. There is no need to pay for any extra tools for dating Korean brides for sale after buying a membership.

Cost of Korean Mail Order Brides

After understanding what factors affect mail order bride pricing, let’s talk about real numbers. The price of communication on dating sites can differ a lot, depending on offered features, reputation, and other factors. It’s time to find out the average cost of Korean mail order brides.

First, you need to know that most of the websites, where you can’t buy a membership, use virtual currency – credits. They can be purchased with a credit/debit card or by PayPal. Usually, credits are available in packages. The minimal package with 20 credits costs around $3. But how much does Korean mail order brides cost in credits? Here is a table with the cost of mail order brides websites’ services.

Option Average Price
Chat 1-2 credits per minute
Video chat/ stream 5-6 credits per minute
Letters 10-15 credits per letter
Sending/viewing photos and videos 10-15 credits per photo/video
Virtual gifts 5-10 credits per gift
Monthly subscriptions $10-50 per month

Looking at this Korean bride price list, you might wonder how many credits are needed for effective communication? On average, Korean mail order brides cost $550-700 per month of communication or around $3,500-4,000 per 6 months.

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Find a Korean Wife Offline: Is It Cheaper?

If the prices of Korean mail order brides seem too high for you, we offer you to compare them to offline dating. How high does the cost of Korean mail order brides at real-life dating? The main expenses include:

  • Flight tickets. It is the most expensive part of offline dating. Be ready to pay about $1300 for round-trip tickets.
  • Hotel or apartments. The average hotel room in South Korea costs about $40/night, it’s about $280/1-week or $560/2 weeks trip.
  • Food & entertainment. What is a date without delicious food? There are a lot of restaurants with amazing and cheap food in Korea. The average check in a good restaurant is about $30-50 for a meal for two. You can offer to buy a Korean bride dinner, and she will be happy to show you the best places in the city.

As you can see, the average cost of a one-week trip to Korea is $1750. It is much more expensive than online dating. Now, mail order Korean bride prices seem fair and not too high.

How to Win One of the Korean Brides

Do you find the Korean mail order bride prices affordable and want to start searching? Well, it is better to know more about these girls’ dating traditions before starting. We want to share with you some simple tips to successfully date a Korean mail order wife.

Find the Right Topics for Conversation

An important thing to do at the start of your relationship is to find out if you have a lot in common. The best things you can ask about your crush are her favorite dishes, the meaning of her name, her job, and her hobbies.

Show Your True Emotions and Feelings

As we mentioned earlier, local people value honesty with family and friends. If you show her your true feelings, she will be touched.

Send a Gift on White Day

It is a day one month after Valentine’s Day when boys traditionally give their girlfriends a small gift like chocolate, flowers, or something else. For Korean brides the cost of this gift will be immeasurable. You will definitely win her heart!

The real cost of mail order brides Korean attention is your sincerity, faithfulness, and desire to marry this charming woman. Keep in mind our advice and we are sure you will attract any girl from Korea.


There are many women looking for American men in Korea. They have an incredible mindset and are ready to build a family with a loving husband.

As you can see, a Korean mail order wife cost is not cheap, but reasonable. The success of your search will depend on not only financial resources but also the efforts you put in order to find the perfect Korean woman. Keep in mind that the most important thing for happy relationships is honesty and loyalty. Now, when you know how much is a Korean bride and how to win her heart, you can start your romantic journey to find the best partner.