Foreign Dating: Hot Korean Women

It would be a lie to say that none of us ever dreamed about dating a foreigner. It’s an interesting experience that blows one’s mind. Often this curiosity evolves into a clear desire to date a foreigner. Typically, men think about hot Korean women when they wish to date a foreign woman.

Of all nations, why do people from South Korea keep popping on everybody’s radar? Probably, because of the widespread of their fascinating culture. Undoubtedly, people from Korea are extremely hot and attractive. This article explores why men should date hot Korean women. The article also explains a bit about the dating culture and Korean ladies’ peculiarities.

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Dating Foreign Women: Hot Korean Girls

It is clear that Korean women hot nature attracts men’s attention. But it’s one thing seeing beauties from Korea and entirely different when it comes to dating. Undoubtedly, having a relationship with a foreigner has peculiarities.

There are quite a few things about sexy Korean girls that men need to understand. This section of the article isn’t a guide to dating, and it’s an informative part. There are some general rules men need to be aware of before starting a relationship.

Keep reading to learn about a typical hot Korean woman, how she sees foreigners, and what she expects from romantic relationships.

Foreigners In Korea

One thing is for sure, Korean hot girls believe foreigners to be hot. When men visit South Korea for a vacation, as a new resident, or move into an affiliate office to work in the country, they are rather popular among ladies in Korea. But at the same time, men should be aware of one vital fact – ladies may believe they are womanizers.

Some pretty Korean women believe that men from abroad, especially white men, visit South Korea to have an adventure. It could be a very important factor when trying to build relationships. Still, foreign men attract a lot of female attention.

“Easiness” In Dating In Korea

This issue comes directly from the previous one. Many beauties are afraid foreign men will see them as “easy.” The dating culture in this fantastic country is all about serious relationships. However, many girls think foreign guys are into hookups only.

Treat ladies with respect to reassure Korean hotties you don’t see them as “easy.” Given such data, make sure to take your time. Do not rush relationships, or she will believe all you want is to hook up.

Who Has To Pay?

Many guys are wondering who has to pay at the restaurant when it comes to dating Korean hot women. Typically, in a rather traditional South Korea, men should pay. This situation changes, but it’s still uncommon for a hot lady in Korea to pay for herself.

Moreover, splitting the bill is still uncommon among the majority of the population. However, as mentioned, in some situations, hot Korean sexy girls may have a different opinion. It’s becoming more popular to pay for after-dinner or after-supper drinks or desserts. In some cases, a hot Korean girl may pay for a drink, coffee, ice cream, etc.

To sum up, it’s safe to say that men should pay. However, if a girl you’re dating wants to pay for something, do not discourage her. It may upset the lady.

Gifts And Milestones

One thing to understand about hot Korean girls is that they believe in society’s standards. It’s typical in South Korea to buy luxury brands of clothing, shoes, accessories, etc. One might think it’s vain, but that’s how it works in the country.

Most beautiful Korean women expect gifts from their partners on special occasions and important milestones. It could be a month of dating, her birthday, etc. She will also gift her partner. To sum up, be ready to spend a lot on birthday gifts, relationship milestones, Valentine’s Day, White Day, New Year, etc.

Girls In Korea Are Great At Dating

Typically, upon meeting a Korean girl, most foreigners claim they are great at dating. In the country, it’s almost like a sport. People don’t just start seeing each other. It’s much more.

Before people begin dating, hot Korean girls turn on their charm and mysteriousness to a maximum! They are cute, tempting, and very hot. Men can only hope for their mercy! However, when a guy and a woman start dating, the woman is a reliable and trustworthy partner. Guys shouldn’t be worried about cheating or flirting with others.

However, before you start dating or even consider this idea, be well aware that a hot Korean girl won’t let go of your heart if she likes you! Enjoy the dating process and have fun.

Social Networks And Communication

There are a few things to note about social networks in South Korea. Typically, Korean hot ladies use either local networks or Instagram. Instead of WhatsApp, most hot people in Korea prefer to use KakaoTalk. So, here are two things to note:

  • social networks impact dating;
  • men and women in Korea prefer chatting a lot on KakaoTalk.

The first point is about Instagram and similar social networks having an impact on relationships. How does it work? When dating, men and women share gifts. In Korea, these gifts should be worthy. If a man makes a less impressive gift, and his girlfriend posts the photo on social media, her friends might not be impressed.

Such a situation can lead to her friends saying you don’t appreciate her. It leads to stress in relationships since it’s hard to figure out what gift is worthy. A solution may be simple – ask your girlfriend what she wants if you want to make a gift. That way, she will be satisfied with a gift. Note: Korean chicks give gifts in return during important milestones as well, so it’s not a one-sided process.

The second mentioned point is using messengers. In South Korea, couples have a cute tradition of flooding each other with messages. It’s typical to send over 20 messages a day, and this number is rather small.

Men and women ask each other what they eat during the day, how they feel, and what they are doing right now. In some cases, just right after a date, couples keep messaging each other. Be well aware of this fact, since if your girlfriend messages you a lot, and you don’t, she might think you don’t care about her. This love to use social networks gives an answer to how to meet sexy Korean women. Try using social media!

Intelligence And Education

When you look at hot sexy Korean girls, you see their unusual beauty. However, these hot girls are intelligent and quick-witted. Most ladies from Korea have a degree. Moreover, they are studying diligently. So, dating beauty from this country means having a great time since they know how to have an interesting conversation.

However, this fact means ladies here prefer intelligent men as well. The tricky part is that a lot of Koreans speak only basic English. If you are positive about dating a hot Korean girlfriend, start learning Korean.

Why Do Men Believe Korean Girls Are So Hot?

It’s hard to say that hot and sexy Korean women are anything but beautiful. Just take a look at our section about famous Korean celebrities. They are hot and prove this point. One of the reasons why men find hot ladies from Korea attractive is their unique physical appearance. It’s completely normal for western people to be attracted to Asians and vice versa.

Another reason is, probably, K-Pop. Undoubtedly, everyone knows about this music genre, and it spreads awareness about the beauty of Korean celebrities. Undoubtedly, men also think that Korean hotties are extremely feminine. This femininity plays a big role, and men find ladies from Korea hot.

One more reason is their unique style which is affected by K-Pop. Hot women from Korea express themselves by wearing cute and yet very bright clothes. These hot girls look cool and cute at the same time. Now let’s break down what’s so special about their physical appearance, moral qualities, and culture.

Physical Appearance

Take a closer look at sexy Korean women. Most of them have small V-shaped faces, light skin, and slim figures. The hair color is typically dark unless a hot girl dyed it. It’s the basic beauty standard in the country.

You are considered beautiful if you have a small V-shaped face, big eyes, a straight nose, and lighter skin. You need to be thin, even skinny. Women here prefer wearing shorter skirts, but they are extremely modest when it comes to showing their cleavage.

If a girl doesn’t have these qualities naturally, she goes to a sergeant. It’s rather common in Korea to use plastic surgery to “fix” their physical appearance. Typically, it’s nearly impossible to tell the difference between a “natural” and “plastic” beauty since plastic surgery in Korea is very subtle.

Moral Qualities

Asian culture has a big impact on dating. In Korea, charming Korean ladies behave differently. Not to say that women in other countries aren’t well-mannered, but Korea has a different approach to what is considered polite. Here are a few things to note about ladies from the mentioned country. Korean hot girls are:

  • polite and well-mannered;
  • cheerful and positive;
  • hardworking;
  • respectful of the elderly or those in authority;
  • loyal to their families.

It’s hard to find someone lazy in the country. Moreover, Korea is among the countries that work long hours. A hot Korean girl is far from just a pretty face, she is also intelligent, hardworking, and polite.

Cultural Peculiarities

As mentioned, hot Korean females don’t like it when men think they are “easy.” In the mentioned country, it’s natural to date exclusively. It’s not even clear whether singles in Korea hook up. It seems their friends set up their single friends with other singles.

The key takeaway is that hot women in the country want to find love. They are loyal and caring when in a romantic relationship. Casual dating is uncommon, if it’s even possible. Men and women have strict moral standards, and casual dating isn’t on their list.

Why Do Korean Girls Seem Different From Girls In Other Countries?

The hottest girls from Korea are different in appearance, and it’s a fact. But what other peculiarities make hot women from the said country different? The first visual peculiarity is that in Korea, it’s typical to be “cute” rather than “sexy.” Even though ladies from Korea are undoubtedly sexy, they prefer to be cute.

Another difference is behavior. These beautiful girls prefer to be feminine. They are hardworking and intelligent but very feminine and charming. The hottest Korean women for marriage prefer girly outfits and typical feminine behavior. Another important thing to note is that women from this country are always into serious dating, so no fooling around!

Top 5 Hottest Korean Women

If you’re still not sure why women in Korea are considered attractive, check the top hot Korean women. The list of hot celebrities from the country includes actresses, models, and singers. Each section also has a link to the social network pages of these hot ladies.

Jung Ho Yeon

Jung Ho Yeon

She is a model and an actress. This hot young girl started modeling early in her life and then got interested in acting. Jung Ho Yeon has the title of “treasure” of Korean fashion and represents many brands. This hot actress is also famous for the role in “Quid Game.” Check out this hot girl’s Instagram page to see her hot photos.



This hot girl from Korea is famous since she is a Blackpink member. Jisoo is a perfect description of beauty in Korea. She is talented, beautiful, and hardworking. You can check her Instagram to see her hot photos.

Honey Lee

Honey Lee 

Honey Lee is an actress, a singer, and a model. She is truly talented and looks incredibly young at her 38! Honey Lee is hot and attractive and also proves another important fact – girls in Korea don’t seem to age at all! Take a look at her Instagram page to find photos.

Shin Min-ah

Shin is an actress. She is 37 and looks as if she is in her late 20s. Shin Min-ah is talented and loved in Korea for her powerful and yet feminine roles in movies and TV shows. Check out her Instagram page to see photos.

Lee Sung Kyung

Lee Sung Kyung

She started her career as a model but then got more interested in cinematography. People who work with her claim she is extremely talented, kind, and hardworking. Take a look at this 31-year-old actress’s Instagram page to find photos.

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Ming Yue photo
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