Asian Beauty: Hot Japanese Women

Think about the people you know, and try to remember if any of them has a loved one from another country. You will probably find at least one international couple among your friends. It’s common today to date people from other countries. For instance, hot Japanese women attract a lot of men’s attention.

Thankfully, today we can travel or date online. We may meet people from other countries, find friends and even love. This article aims at revealing a few important facts about dating hot women from Japan. Keep reading the article to learn about the dating culture, some tips, and the most popular celebrities (women) in Japan.

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Dating Foreign Women: Hot Japanese Girls

Girls in Japan are undoubtedly beautiful and attract the opposite sex. But men, especially foreigners, should figure out a few things about sexy Japanese women. Before we dive into the details of the peculiarities of girls in Japan, let’s check out some dating tips:

  • Don’t be late. Girls in the said country take punctuality seriously. It’s a sign of disrespect if someone gets late. On the bright side, you won’t have to wait for your hot girlfriend either.
  • Don’t be loud. It’s uncommon to talk loudly in the said country. Talking loud is a sign of disrespect and lack of manners. Raising your voice because of excitement may seem rude to the hot girl you want to impress. She will think you were raised in the woods by wolves (joke, but not really).
  • Consider stay-at-home dates. It’s common in the said country to spend time at home. A couple may cook dinner together, play video games, or watch a romantic comedy or a horror movie (why not?). It’s fun and adds coziness to romantic relationships.
  • Plan weekend dates. If both are having a weekend, they should spend this time together. Consider planning a visit, going on lunch, going to the cinema or theater, etc.

These are some basic rules and tips when dating hot women in Japan. Now let’s dive into the details of Japanese hot women’s peculiarities.

Why Do Men Believe Japanese Girls Are So Hot?

One of the reasons men believe Japanese hotties are attractive in their appearance and behavior. A combination of striking beauty and intelligence is what makes a heart miss a few beats.

Typically, a hot Japanese woman is feminine and well-mannered. She is respectful and won’t interrupt someone in the middle of the conversation. Modern girls from Japan are hard-working and successful in life. It’s always fun to spend time with beautiful, feminine, and friendly girls. That’s why men find these hotties attractive!

Why Do Japanese Girls Seem Different From Girls In Other Countries?

Apart from the obvious reasons when you compare charming Japanese girls to western women, there are other peculiarities. Even though modern Japanese girls are more independent, they are still very feminine. In this article, there is a section with Japanese celebrities. Take a look at their photos. Even photos show that these women are extremely feminine.

Another quite important difference is life views. In Japan, it’s common for young people to focus on their education, then on their career, and only then on their personal life. Yes, some youngsters prefer dating in high school or college, but it often interferes with studying. When they reach their mid-twenties, they start thinking about having a family.

Ming Yue photo
Ming Yue photo
Ming Yue
Location Beijing
Age 29
Occupation Dancer
English level Upper Intermediate

Dating In Japan And Peculiarities Of The Process

All previous sections of this article point out that sexy Japanese girls are different from western women. Given this data, it’s vital to consider their peculiarities when dating. This section of the article aims at revealing some dating traditions and customs in Japan. The readers will learn several interesting facts.

The Confession Part

If one wants to meet the hottest Japanese women for marriage, they should research the confession of feelings tradition. It’s a stage in romantic relationships that works as a milestone when a couple starts dating. Typically, in the western culture, you just kiss each other and call it a deal (joke). But in Japan, you have to confess your feelings.

Here’s how it works. You meet hot sexy Japanese girls, attend group dates, and start hanging out with a hot lady you find attractive. The two of you spend time as friends, but at some point, you should confess that you would like to date this hot girl. Your girlfriend may also be the one to confess first, but it’s uncommon.

Public Display Of Attention

In western culture, it’s OK to express affection in public. But it’s uncommon in Japan. You won’t see couples kissing at a crowded bus stop, in a restaurant, etc. Hot Japanese chicks won’t like it if foreigners try to display their feelings in public, s. Consider this fact.

Undoubtedly, it’s acceptable to kiss and cuddle somewhere where no one sees you. However, kissing in the culture of the said country in public is considered vulgar. Men dating Japanese hot women can hold their hands or hug when they meet to go on a date, but nothing more.

People in Japan are reversed and traditional. They don’t want to make someone feel uncomfortable with their gestures. Kissing in public could make others feel uncomfortable. Moreover, the hottest girls from Japan believe privacy is crucial, and they protect it from others.

The Paying At A Restaurant Part

Men considering dating hot Japanese females often wish to know who has to pay. In the US, Canada, Australia, and Europe, it’s not uncommon to split the bill. What about Japan?

The answer depends on the following factors:

  • dater’s age;
  • location (region);
  • personal opinions.

You will be surprised after meeting a Japanese girl, but she is likely to prefer to go Dutch. Yes, the younger generation has a different opinion on splitting the bill. However, it’s still common for men to pay. The key takeaway is that you will have to find out on your own what your hot girlfriend prefers.

Group Dating

If you are wondering how to meet sexy Japanese women, consider group dating. It’s a common occurrence in Japan. It’s not unusual in the western culture, but let’s face it, it’s a rare occasion. On the contrary, in Japan, it’s how men and women meet love. Daters visit cinemas, grab a bite in a local restaurant, visit a party, etc.

Why is it easier to meet a hot Japanese girlfriend that way? Because in Japan, people believe it’s a lot less stressful to go on a group date. It’s so awkward when you meet someone new and get an invitation/get invited on a date. You don’t know this person yet, and when it’s just the two of you, it becomes silly.

Group dating offers a more comfortable feel. So, if you are visiting Japan and want to meet and date hot Japanese girls, be well-prepared for group dates. It’s fun and offers a positive experience.

Expressing Feelings

Note one critical thing – be more gentle and less straightforward. In western culture, if one doesn’t express their feelings, they risk losing a partner. It’s different in Japan. Most hot and sexy Japanese women prefer a gentler approach.

For example, instead of being too direct about how you feel, consider showering your girlfriend with attention. Text her and ask how she feels today, how things are going, etc. Tell her about your day too. And when meeting in person, don’t be too loud. Being loud is considered impolite in Japan.

Marriage And Long-Term Relationships

It’s common in the Japanese dating culture to consider marriage or long-term relationships when people are in their mid-twenties. People date when they are studying at college, but they prefer graduating and finding a job first.

Typically, when hot Japanese girls graduate and find a job and a place to live, they believe everything is settled in their lives. What is the next step? Marriage! Or long-term relationships that will lead to marriage.

It’s a different approach than the western one. People in the US, Europe, etc., may date for years, and only then do they get married. In Japan, you don’t date for too long. If two like each other and have common interests, they have no logical reasons to postpone marriage. If you are considering marriage, then hot Japanese beauties in their mid-twenties might be a good catch.

Meeting Parents

It’s common in the west to introduce your girlfriend or boyfriend to your family, friends, and relatives. In Japan, introducing a Japanese girl to your parents means you are ready to get married. Moreover, introduction to parents is an important tradition.

Typically, people in Japan don’t tell their parents they are dating someone. But if they do, it means they are considering marriage. So, don’t ask your hot girlfriend to introduce you to her parents unless you are thinking about marriage.

Top 10 Hottest Japanese Women

Now that you know more about the dating culture and peculiarities of ladies in Japan check out top hot Japanese women celebrities. This section of the article describes the most beautiful and hot ladies in the said country. Some of these hot women are successful actresses, singers, and models.

Nanao Arai

Nanao Arai

In Japan, Nanao is considered a hot and talented actress and model. The hot woman has a contract with Platinum Production. Her example proves that pretty Japanese ladies don’t seem to age at all, given Nanao was born on October 28, 1988! Here’s her Instagram page so you can check her photos.

Sayaka Isoyama

Sayaka Isoyama 

Sayaka is an idol, performer, actress, and even sports writer! She has signed a contract with the Lifika entertainment agency. Hot and beautiful Sayaka Isoyama was born on October 23, 1983. She is living proof that women in Japan always look as if they are in their mid-twenties. Check her Instagram to see hot photos.

Meisa Kuroki

Meisa Kuroki

Of all Japanese hot ladies, Meisa is one of the most charming and attractive ones. Meisa Kuroki is a talented actress who likes modeling and singing. Her singing is so impressive that she even has a contract with Sony Music Japan. Meisa Kuroki is hot and beautiful, so check her Instagram to find photos.

Aya Ueto

Aya is an actress, a television personality, and also a singer. She is a competitive person who likes to win. This fact proves that Japanese sexy girls are not just hot but also smart and hard-working. Unfortunately, Aya Ueto doesn’t seem to have an official Instagram page. But she’s famous, so anyone can find her pictures.

Maki Horikita

Maki is a rather talented actress who was born in Kiyose, Tokyo, Japan, on October 6, 1988. She began her career as a U-15 idol back in 2003. Today, she has a list of honorable roles in the cinematography in Japan. She is a beautiful and talented hot woman who prefers to keep her life private and away from social networks.

Kyoko Fukada

Kyoko Fukada

Undoubtedly, Japanese women hot appearance is proven by Kyoko Fukada. She is an extremely beautiful and attractive woman in Japan. Kyoko is an actress and singer, a winner of the Yokohama Film Festival’s best actress award for her role in the Kamikaze Girls. This hot lady was born in Kita, Tokyo, Japan, on November 2, 1982. Check her Instagram for photos.

Keiko Kitagawa

She is the living proof that Japanese hot girls are gorgeous and talented. Keiko Kitagawa is an extremely attractive model and actress. She was born in Japan on August 22, 1986. Keiko prefers to stay away from social media.

Ishihara Satomi (real name: Ishigami Kuniko)

Ishihara Satomi

Ishihara is an actress who was born in Tokyo, Japan, on December 24, 1986. She is one of the most beautiful Japanese women with a petite figure. She isn’t tall, and everything in her appearance screams delicacy. Her Instagram page has a few of her cute and hot photos.

Haruna Kawaguchi

Haruna Kawaguchi

This hot and beautiful Japanese woman is an actress and model. She works for a Ken-On agency. Haruna is not just hot, and she is also very talented. She seems to be a very promising actress, and the Japanese audience will enjoy a lot more movies starring Haruna. Check out her hot photos on Instagram.

Kanna Hashimoto

Kanna Hashimoto

Kanna is a hot and famous actress in Japan. In the past, this hot woman was a member of the popular idol girl group Rev in Japan. Today, she focuses on her acting career. Kanna starred in a number of movies and TV shows. Some of her famous works include highly popular adaptations of famous anime and manga. Check out Kanna’s Instagram to see some hot photos.