Dating Abroad: Hot Indonesian Women

Our world is amazing! It has so many wonderful countries, cultures, traditions, beautiful languages and amazing people. One such country is Indonesia. It has beautiful nature and spectacular cities. But it’s also a place where hot Indonesian women spend their time.

International dating is a thing today, and many men and women even prefer traveling in hopes of meeting true love abroad. Indonesia attracts mainly foreign guys for a reason. This reason is simple – hot Indonesian beauties.

Keep reading the article to learn more about hot girls from Indonesia and the dating culture in the country. The article also contains a list of the hottest celebrities from Indonesia to prove a point that girls from the said country are, in fact, very hot!

Top Indonesian Girls Profiles

Why Do Men Believe Indonesian Girls Are So Hot?

Undoubtedly, Indonesian women hot appearance blows men’s minds. But are there any peculiarities that make men want to visit the said country to meet such hot beauties? Let’s check some facts and learn why men are attracted to these hotties.

Myth Busting Part

Do not assume all Indonesian hot girls are golddiggers. Everyone should be aware by now that gold-digging is a common occurrence everywhere, but it’s just a small part of women. Many sexy girls in the said country are financially independent and just want to meet someone from abroad.

In some cases, women believe their best match is a foreigner. Typically, girls from the mentioned region want to meet men who respect them. It’s a known fact that the culture in Indonesia states women should be submissive, and a lot of local men take their submissiveness for granted.

Loving Nature

Even though the Indonesian dating culture states locals should be modest and reversed about their feelings, it doesn’t affect the way they feel. Typically, gorgeous women here are loving and caring. They are feminine and willing to share their love with someone decent and respectful.

After meeting an Indonesian girl, one might think they are a bit cold. But it’s only the first impression since it’s uncommon to express your feelings in Indonesia. People here prefer becoming friends, getting to know each other better, and only then do they start dating. You just have to pass that barrier. You will be amazing at how loving and caring these women are. And their charming smiles win everybody’s hearts.


Keep in mind that Indonesian sexy girls are faithful to their loved ones. If you manage to capture a heart of a local hot woman, you will be blessed with her love for years! People in Indonesia truly value romantic and family relationships. It’s uncommon for hot Indonesian girls to play with men’s hearts. Naturally, hot Indonesian girls expect the same treatment from their partners.

The Physical Appearance

The hottest girls from Indonesia may be more similar to Latinas than to Japanese, Chinese, or Korean ladies. These hot girls have curvy and sexy bodies, even though they aren’t overweight. Typically, they have darker skin that ranges from olive to golden to lighter shades. They have long and thick silky hair, beautiful round or oval faces, and dark, mysterious eyes.

Why Do Indonesian Girls Seem Different From Girls In Other Countries?

Undoubtedly, hot sexy Indonesian girls are different from western women in terms of appearance. However, their appearance is not the only difference. The culture in the said country is more about the submissiveness of women. They are expected to be housewives, raise children, etc. Typically, ladies here accept these rules, but not always.

Another major difference is femininity. Men often get attracted to these beauties because of their special aura. It’s as if everything in their appearance screams they are delicate, petite, and men should protect and love them.

Dating In Indonesia And Peculiarities Of The Process

Dating in another country requires learning vital rules. For example, no one in their right mind would try to bother a Muslim woman walking in the United Arab Emirates. It would be considered not just disrespectful, and one might get a warning from a police officer.

The situation is different in Indonesia, even though residents are mainly Muslims. Still, visitors should learn a few critical things. Keep reading the article to learn more about the customs and some other peculiarities.

The Dating Culture

Indonesia is a traditional Muslim country with one of the largest populations of Muslims worldwide. So, meeting an Indonesian girl means meeting a Muslim lady. Such a fact could be off-putting in the thoughts of most western men. However, don’t make rash assumptions.

Most hot Indonesian females aren’t into the strict Islam rules. Do not compare Indonesia with the United Arab Emirates or Marocco, where women cover their hair and entire bodies. Indonesia, in this case, is more like Turkey. Girls in Turkey barely ever cover their hair or bodies unless they live in rural areas.

Typically, Indonesian hot women are open to dating western men who believe in other religions. Yes, some hot ladies are off-limits for western men. In most cases, hot ladies in the said country freely visit nightclubs, and bars, talk to men, etc.

Consider specific situations when it comes to hot and sexy Indonesian women. These hot ladies often use online apps to find their soulmates, visit nightclubs with friends to have fun and are less conservative. It’s great news since such hot ladies are not against dating foreign guys.

However, men who wish to learn how to meet sexy Indonesian women should understand that they must respect the traditions in the country. Even though it’s OK to date without getting married, later on, one must follow strict rules. Public display of affection is frowned upon. Before trying to find a hot lady, make sure to learn the general rules.

If you wish to find a hot Indonesian girlfriend, here are some rules to note:

  • No touching, cuddling, and kissing in public. Even holding hands may be frowned upon. Keep these displays of affection for private moments.
  • Premarital sex is not a crime. However, don’t assume that it’s possible to hook up easily. Hot and attractive Indonesian chicks are into long-term exclusive dating.
  • It’s uncommon to move in together before marriage. As mentioned in the previous statement, premarital sex is not forbidden, but living together requires getting married.

The key takeaway is that the dating culture in Indonesia isn’t as different from the culture in the West. However, foreigners should follow some rules and respect the customs and traditions of the country they visit. All in all, religion won’t stand in the way of two people who fall in love.

Consider Using Dating Apps

It’s rather common for the hottest Indonesian women for marriage to use dating apps to find long-term partners. Moreover, the usage of online apps provides singles with a chance to meet love without much effort. Foreign guys could use such apps even if they visit the country. The usage of online apps greatly increases the pool of singles.

Consider using Tinder when in Indonesia to meet a local match quickly. If you’re not an active Tinder user, check out other options. For instance, Indonesian Cupid could be a nice option to encounter charming Indonesians. The main point is that hot singles in Indonesia use online apps; it’s not forbidden.

Visiting Bali

Bali has a similar effect on foreigners to the flame on butterflies. Bali is highly popular among guys and ladies. Note: Bali may be a great place to visit, but it’s packed with girls of other nationalities enjoying their vacations. But still, men meet hot and sexy Indonesian girls in Bali.

Indonesia, Bali is not just a place to meet and date hot Indonesian girls. It’s more than that. It’s a place where singles all around the world can have fun and date. Bali’s warm climate and natural beauty are often appreciated by those who don’t like the more technologically advanced Jakarta.

To meet hot and beautiful Indonesian women, consider visiting the following locations in Bali:

  • Sky Garden.
  • La Favela.
  • Mirror.

Bali is a place to relax and enjoy amazing weather. But overall, Jakarta may be a better place to encounter hot Indonesian beauties.

Having Fun In Jakarta

As mentioned, visit Jakarta to encounter a hot Indonesian woman. Even though Jakarta was never on the top list of travelers, it has a few things to offer. The first thing to note is that Jakarta is convenient for foreigners who want to try dating local women. Moreover, the dating scene takes place during the daytime, too, not just during the nightlife.

Typically, Indonesian hot ladies visit the most popular malls to meet their friends, grab a bite, have a cup of tea, etc. It’s a great opportunity for foreigners to try their luck. Check the following locations:

  • Plaza Indonesia.
  • Grand Indonesia.
  • Central Park Mall.

Note: hot ladies in Jakarta are shy if approached by strangers. It’s due to the culture in the country. As mentioned, it’s uncommon to show any signs of affection in public. So, be subtle and try not to flirt a lot. Just be friendly and calm to make sexy Indonesian women comfortable.

Don’t forget about the nightlife in Jakarta. If Bali is a place to chill and relax, Jakarta is a place to rock! You can meet hot Indonesian girls in nightclubs and bars. Most likely, hot ladies will be surrounded by their friends since it’s uncommon to visit such places alone if you are a woman. Consider visiting the following locations:

  • Dragonfly.
  • X-2.
  • Blowfish.
  • Cloud.
  • Skybar.

Note: when visiting nightclubs, it’s still uncommon to show public signs of affection.

Ming Yue photo
Ming Yue photo
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Top 5 Hottest Indonesian Women

The article mentions that women in Indonesia are hot and beautiful. But what about some proof? The best proof is to check the top hot Indonesian women famous in the country. This section of the article contains information about hot ladies of Indonesian descent. Some ladies are famous in the country and are celebrities.

Acha Septriasa

Acha Septriasa

One of the most attractive women in Indonesia is undoubtedly Acha Septriasa. Acha is an actress who became famous for her “the girl next door” roles. She was born on September 1, 1989, and she is absolutely stunning. Check out Acha’s Instagram page.

Yuki Kato

Yuki Kato

A successful actress and a model, Yuki Kato forces men’s hearts to skip a few beats. Yuki is talented, intelligent, and hot. Her beauty proves that Indonesian girls are among the most beautiful women in the world. Take a look at Yuki’s hot photos on her Instagram page.

Anggika Bolsterli

Anggika Bolsterli

Even though this lady is quite young, she is a famous actress in Indonesia. Anggika is one of the most beautiful and hot Indonesian ladies. She has Javanese and Swiss roots, which make her extremely attractive. Anggika was born on June 21, 1995. The hot lady also starred in several Indonesian movies and TV shows. Check her Instagram page to find amazingly hot photos.

Nadine Chandrawinata

Nadine Chandrawinata

Another widely known representative is gorgeous Nadine. This beautiful girl has many talents. Nadine is a model, actress, and even a producer. Nadine was born on May 8, 1984, and was a participant in the beauty pageant Miss Universe. Her example proves that girls in Indonesia don’t age! Check her Instagram here.

Luna Maya

Luna Maya

Another amazing woman with many talents. Luna Maya started her career as a model, but then she got more interested in acting and singing. Luna got her first role in a movie in 2004, and she was praised for her outstanding talent. Moreover, she managed to release a music album. Luna is beautiful, talented, and successful. Check out Luna’s Instagram here.

Final Thoughts

One of the reasons to meet Indonesian hotties is to enjoy their unusual Asian beauty. Even though on the global dating scene, most men consider Japanese, Korean, and Chinese ladies. But guys should pay attention to hot women from Indonesia.

Hot ladies in Indonesia are similar to Latinas in terms of body type. Take a look at gorgeous hot Indonesian women. Most of them are rather voluptuous and curvy without being overweight. They are known for an amazing natural beauty that doesn’t even require wearing makeup.

Dating in the said country is not forbidden, as some foreign guys believe. Yes, it’s a traditional country that believes in Islam. However, Indonesia is more like Turkey. Even though the majority of the population believes in Islam, they aren’t against dating before marriage. Moreover, the rules are not as strict as in such countries as UAE, Kairo, Qatar, etc. It’s easier to date hot and pretty Indonesians, so it’s worth visiting the country.