ChinaLoveCupid Review Of A Marriage Site

Updated on Apr 2022
The 21st century gives us tons of interesting opportunities which improve our lives. Dating sites and apps are such opportunities since they grant anyone a chance to meet who they want. This review will reveal information about a very special dating site targeted at Chinese beauty admirers. It is mostly used by Chinese people living outside China, that’s why it is so popular.

ChinaLoveCupid reviews are mostly positive since people affirm they have managed to find love. Some users even got married. ChinaLoveCupid has a pretty recognizable name – the website belongs to a famous Cupid network. All apps of this network are reliable and easy to use. ChinaLoveCupid offers tons of amazing profiles belonging to awesome people; just join the community and see what it can offer.

ChinaLoveCupid main page

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Short Review

The ChinaLoveCupid review of website affirms that the app is targeted at Chinese users willing to meet foreigners. China has lots of internal apps and sites, allowing people to meet online. But this site is different. It is used by Chinese people who either live in the States (or other countries), or by Chinese singles living in China and seeking partners from overseas. The app is amazing since it is easily used, has quality profiles, and a good security system.

8.5 Overall Rating

  • Safety – 8.5
  • Quality of members – 8.6
  • Value for price – 8.7
  • Ease of use – 8.7
  • Customer satisfaction – 8.3

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Pros /Cons


  • See who is online to contact active people.
  • The profile’s photo needs confirmation of a moderator.
  • ChinaLoveCupid has some free functions.
  • ChinaLoveCupid is a reliable website.
  • Good security level.
  • Chatrooms for everyone.
  • ChinaLoveCupid has mostly positive reviews from real users.


  • Could add a few more functions or tools.
Ming Yue photo
Ming Yue photo
Ming Yue
Location Beijing
Age 29
Occupation Dancer
English level Upper Intermediate

What Is

The truth about ChinaLoveCupid is that the app was created to connect the lonely hearts of people belonging to different races. This site is targeted at single Chinese users and foreigners. Most users using the platform have Chinese roots and live either in the United States or Canada, but some also live in Europe.

It is a great opportunity for American and Canadian men to meet beautiful Chinese women. The gender ratio on the website is 60% to 40%, more women than men. The reviews of this website are mostly positive. Moreover, you could even find stories on the official Facebook page that reveal information about people who got married because of this service. It is easy to use the services of the website; it has a pleasant interface and is not overloaded with ads.

ChinaLoveCupid members who have found love At A Glance

  • Best for: singles seeking serious dating partners; singles who are attracted to Chinese singles.
  • The number of members: millions.
  • Recommended age: 25-45.
  • Favorite features: custom flirts, search, special tags, compatibility measurements, etc.

How Does ChinaLoveCupid Work?

The app is simple, and it works accordingly. It has just some basic functions such as shows who is online, the ChinaLoveCupid free search: likes, custom flirts, etc. It’s easy to use it since all you do to find a compatible dating partner is to use the searching function. Here are some functions that might be interesting:

  • The searching option use it to find compatible partners.
  • Mailbox list – only people with certain characteristics, could mail you.
  • Special tags – show personality characteristics, easier to find compatible partners.
  • Custom flirts.
  • Special matchmaking criteria.

But is ChinaLoveCupid any good since it has only basic features? Yes, this is exactly why the website is so good. It perfectly accomplishes the tasks set by users. The searching function is one of the best. It is easy to find a compatible partner when you have tons of filters.

There is also one interesting option, called “The Cupid Tags”. Just like hashtags shared in social media, these tags describe various personality traits. For example, one profile can have such tags as “loyal”, “family-oriented”, “handsome”, “beautiful”, etc. Each tag stands for a personality trait. So users could just click on the right tag and find lots of users with a special personality trait.

ChinaLoveCupid how it works


The searching mechanism is one of the best functions of the website. It has lots of useful features, so it is easier to differentiate between various individuals. The best thing about the site is that you see who is online. So when you are using the searching function, you adjust all the personality traits you value, click the “search” button, you get to see various profiles who meet the requirements and whether they are online. So is ChinaLoveCupid a good dating site? Yes, it certainly is a good site since it gives what promises.


You have 2 options – either create an account from scratch or use the Facebook page to sign up. The last option will allow you to start using the site sooner. But overall, the account creation process from scratch takes about 2 or 3 minutes, so choose whichever option you prefer.

The reviews claim that the process of completing a profile takes around 15 minutes. One thing to keep in mind is that your profile picture must be appropriate; otherwise, the moderators won’t accept it. It’s a great feature of the site; moderators have to check your photos to make sure it is real, not taken from Google or other sources. That’s why this amazing platform is safe to use.

Profile Quality

The quality of the profiles is very good due to lots of checks. You have to wait for a while for your picture to be approved. Overall, the site has amazing profiles belonging to awesome people. You might even check out these awesome profiles of outstanding people right now after registration; it’s a free function available even for users without premium accounts.

ChinaLoveCupid create account

Safety & Security

It is a paid service, so it has a secured Internet connection for safe payments. It also has a verification process to make sure every user is real. Moreover, moderators check profile pictures to make sure they are real and not downloaded from Google Images or other sources.

Help & Support

The support system is awesome since you get help whenever you need it. The website also has a useful “Questions and Answers” section, where you can learn more about the platform usage. If your question isn’t there, just use the quick chat button and ask your question. The support will answer it as soon as possible.


The reviews of people mention that the prices are pretty average. There are two options – gold and platinum memberships. The latter is more expensive but gives better opportunities. But you will have a lot of fun even if you activate the gold subscription.

The reviews mention the availability of the platform for each user. If you don’t want to pay more, you could just buy three months of using the website. It depends on your preferences. So is ChinaLoveCupid worth paying for? The service has lots of members with Chinese roots or living in China, it’s easy to use, and reviews are positive, so yes, if you are able to pay, you won’t regret purchasing a subscription.

ChinaLoveCupid testimonials


Is ChinaLoveCupid Safe?

The reviews are mostly positive about the safety of this amazing app. It has several security levels a=to ensure all customers gain an only positive experience. Moreover, moderators regularly complete special checks to make sure there are only real profiles.

Is A Real Dating Site?

The review on ChinaLoveCupid dating site, customers’ reviews, and the fact that the site belongs to the reliable network prove that the site is 100% real. It has several basic and additional features making the app easy to use. The simplicity of the app allows people to get what they need – find dating partners for serious relationships.

How Many Members Does Have?

The website is specialized, not mainstream. Even though it is not mainstream, ChinaLoveCupid still has a pretty big database of members – millions of users worldwide. ChinaLoveCupid reviews affirm, most members come from the United States and Canada.

Is Worth It?

Yes, the app is 100% worth of time and money. The reviews of members are positive; it is easy to use the website; it gives aid in accomplishing goals, which is finding love. It has a big profile base, and the ChinaLoveCupid site offers a safe environment to start dating.

How To Use

It’s easy to use the app. Creating a new account from scratch is easy and takes about 3 minutes. If you want to start using the site sooner, just use your Facebook page to sign up. The reviews affirm you need to complete your profile to increase your chances of meeting incredible people. The best function of ChinaLoveCupid is its searching mechanism.

Is Free?

The app is paid and offers options for different types of users. If you like spending a bit more, choose the platinum membership since it grants better services. If you just need the basic options, upgrade to gold membership. The prices are average due to people’s reviews.

Can I Use Anonymously?

The ChinaLoveCupid dating site review affirms it is anonymous automatically. It creates a more pleasant environment for all users. Members’ reviews affirm that you can see who is online though, which is a great option since you know you contact active members.

How Can I Delete My Profile?

Go to the settings of your account and find this option. Make sure you remember your password since you need to insert it to confirm the changes. ChinaLoveCupid dating reviews of users claim the inactive profiles get terminated after a while.