2RedBeans Review

Updated on Apr 2022

A man can opt for a specific website just having sufficient proofs. The 2RedBeans review of website gives the whole idea of how the online dating platform looks like, its main advantages and disadvantages, prices, and the impression at all.

The average rate is 7,9. However, the highest score gets a careful selection of girls for perfect men. Moreover, the review responds to the most common questions. In case you have more queries, you may contact the service itself.

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2RedBeans Review

The analysis of the service can be done by the following aspects:

Overall Rating – 7.9/10

  • Singles selection – 9.0
  • Security from fraud – 6.1
  • Chatting system – 8.5
  • Pricelist – 8.2
  • Registration process – 7.7

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Pros and Cons


  • Tips about how to date
  • Pieces of advice on how to arrange the account
  • Communication with staff
  • Events
  • High level of verification


  • High prices of VIP Membership
  • Day-off of the support at the weekends
Ming Yue photo
Ming Yue photo
Ming Yue
Location Beijing
Age 29
Occupation Dancer
English level Upper Intermediate

Short Review

2RedBeans review of the website cannot promise an overcast record of all success stories here. Founded actually far away from China, its main target audience is still a milliard of these women and men.

Your matching process begins in three steps. There is no need in the guideline, as everything is explained on the page.

Step 1. Choose a good professional photo. ( Avoid ones in the mirror, in the sunglasses, with head covered)

Step 2. Answer questions about yourself( Some objects, events, or things/people you cannot imagine your life without; description of yourself in three words. etc)

Step 3. Fill in some additional information(Basic data about your weight, religion, and all the other general questions)

What Is 2RedBeans.com?

The history of this online website dates back to 2010. Comparatively young and green, it has achievements to be proud of. 2RedBeans reviews record more than 10 000 couples matches here.

What is special with the platform is that the team is open to anyone, and people know the faces of their heroes. Two co-founders are responsible for the whole team. Two co-workers play the most important role in the customer’s support. It has its Event Manager who organizes various projects. This is a unique feature no website has. Besides, you may contact your Personal Advisor on dating matters.

2RedBeans.com At A Glance

  • Area: China
  • Age: 18+
  • Upcoming Event: 1-on-1 Matchmaking
  • Currency: Diamonds
  • Statistics: On

How Does 2RedBeans Work?

The review reminds you of constant help from the 2RedBeans team. You get the message from the Staff. It sends you Dating Safety Policy to take a look at. It suggests you finish the quiz as well. You get the second message from the Staff with a welcoming word. Also, it indicates the current charm level and encourages it to increase it. The most important note you receive belongs to your Personal Matchmaker.

At the upper right corner, you find the message box. You can filter by Inbox to see only chats received. You can filter by Outbox to see whether your sent messages were read. And you can see by All to mix everything up.


2RedBeans.com review refers to the service as with free sign up. The things you need:

  • Verified email
  • Date of birth
  • Name
  • Password

As a part of registration, the further questionnaire is mandatory for browsing the website itself. Another step is verification. You are to decide whether to confirm your phone number, but it will make you look more trustworthy. You can verify your face as well.

2RedBeans registration

Profile Quality

2RedBeans reviews cannot but allude to the account itself. What information does the profile give?

  • General(Schooling, Residence, Religious views)
  • Leisure time activities
  • Hobbies
  • People’s usual first impression of you
  • The person who has the most influence on you
  • Challenges
  • Who you are looking for

The website enables multiple photos uploading. The demands for them are still the same. Before doing it, you are to get acquainted with Dos and Don’ts.

Safety & Security

2RedBeans dating site reviews differentiate between two kinds of safety.  Safety from the service itself:

  • All the information you share cannot be disclosed to the third party. You may indicate just login credentials
  • The data what the web service can do with the information is in one access
  • Use of the encrypted system

Safety Tips

  • The responsibility is on you
  • 2RedBeans shares warning signs of what is and what is not a scam
  • Precautions which can be taken
  • Who to turn to in case of noticing a suspicious person

Help & Support

2RedBeans dating reviews provide readers with the helplines: [email protected]. The customer support is not available – at weekends. You should I wait for the response within 24 hours/

WeChat is a common social media in China which you may use as payment methods, or for communication. The review suggests you go on the Help & Support page. There you find a “Contact us” active field. Clicking on them will redirect you to the QR code you may use to contact them via WeChat.


The review on 2RedBeans dating site should always indicate the prices. There are two kinds of users:

Diamond Customers

With this currency, you can chat, view statistics, and use advanced searches. Diamonds packages:

  • 250 diamonds – 9,99 $
  • 600 diamonds – 19,99 $
  • 1350 diamonds – 39,99 $

VIP Customers

Benefits: Fully functional messaging, First in Recommendations, discounts for events, statistics. VIP packages:

  • 1-month packet – 34,99 $
  • 6-month – 23,99 $/ month(total – 143,94 $)
  • 12-month – 19,99 $/month(total – 239,88 $)

With the second package, you save up to 30 percent. With the highest one, you have up to 40 percent discount.

2RedBeans Dating

Q & A

Here are the most frequent questions and full response to them:

Is 2RedBeans Safe?

2RedBeans dating site review assures one that this platform is legit. Of course, you can meet someone who tries to fool you. In order to avoid it:

  • Give a wide berth of deleted accounts(in most cases, they are bots)
  • Do not send anyone your money
  • Do not fall for any business transactions
  • Keep your credit card number secret
  • Do a photo search on google in case you have suspicions

Is 2RedBeans.com A Real Dating Site?

The truth about 2RedBeans cannot be hidden. If there were some of the guesses that this site can be fake, there would be 100 percent a review with this information.

  • The platforms offer to watch a video of the love story of founders
  • All the information about designers, developers, etc is accessible so that it is highly unlikely that one can reveal the data knowing that they are frauds.

How Many Members Does 2RedBeans.com Have?

Is 2RedBeans worth paying for? This question may be easily answered with the number of members online. Over 10 000 use it on a daily basis. One cannot calculate the whole figure of customers. We do not have to take those deactivated. So the main focus is on active ones.

 Is 2RedBeans Worth It?

Is 2RedBeans any good? It makes relationships come to your life. It is legit and even this fact already makes everyone understand that the review calls the dating site worth paying time and money. If one pisses you off, you may block him and not resort to deactivating an account.

How To Use 2RedBeans.com?

On 2RedBeans you get the message from your personal matchmaker. You may also follow the link given and get a free consultation on dating. On the upper left hand, you may click on Search. Then browse the site to find your love.

 Is 2RedBeans.com Free?

What can you do for gratis on the website?

  • 2RedBeans free search
  • Free signup
  • Girlfriends suggestions
  • Simple functions of browsing

For further functions to be available, one should subscribe to it, or buy some diamonds. The good thing that women can find their love for free.

Can I Use 2RedBeans.com Anonymously?

Ladies or gentlemen may become invisible clicking on the cog icon and go to the Settings tab. With this option you can:

  • Be anonymous so no one can see you unless you allow it
  • One will not see that you have visited their profile
  • You decide what the other user can know about you.

Price for Invisibility

  • 1 Month of invisibility – 19,99 $
  • 6 Months -15,99 $/month
  • 1 year – 9,99 $/month

How Can I Delete My 2RedBeans.com Profile?

Is 2RedBeans a good dating site? Yes, it is. However, we may face some difficulties in life and feel so desperate. In this case, we just want to leave no traces of ourselves wherever we went.

  • Step 1. Go to the Settings Page
  • Step 2. Click on Account
  • Step 3. Scroll down to see the option “Delete Account”


This review on a 2RedBeans online dating website has covered the main points of what should be paid attention to. Men may track their popularity and estimate the chances to find a wife. This dating service collects a great range of information to make analysis and analytical thinking contribute to the final result. 2RedBeans offers Personal Matchmaker. Getting started with this function, you agree on policy. You can schedule the consultation just for the funny price. This additional service is not present on any other online dating website.